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Lobbying can be divided into three different pathways : the optimisation of the economic activities, the social representation and the political representation. These three intertwined paths are extensively traversed in the course of a career.
Mushfiqur Rahim said that we have a big chance to beat Australia in upcoming series, Bangladesh team is in good form
The days are not far when the big three in cricket would find a lame excuse to ban Bangladeshi super star cricketers.
After the conclusion of Carribian premier league West Indies will host Bangladesh for 3 ODI matches, one Twently20 international and two test matches starting from 20th august 2014. Tensports tv channels will broadcast the whole series live on tv and online through their official webs...
We are on a relentless journey with no one with wisdom or clout to guide us. Robots are taking over in subtle ways and we may cease to be the masters of our destiny. The momentum is gathering speed by the day. Nature should be our best guide and when we align with its basics we shoul...
This is about the educational system in Bangladesh, particularly at school level, where all the far reaching impact on the total socio-economic life is affected and disturbed..
Recently the Opposition has been shouting against the government, alleging them manipulation of election results and unfair treatment of free -fair polls. But all in the name of democracy, and people's rights. In the end we all suffer for the democracy and people's rights....
People might disagree or have reservation about my observations, but you can't deny the fishy tricks that the bankers do; inadvertently?- No way!
Feeling romantic? Learn how to tell your loved one how you feel in six different languages.
Renewed Chinese proposals to divert water from the Mighty Brehmaputra river and construction of world's largest dam near the Great Bend region have left both India and Bangladesh worried. What makes matters worse is the absence of water treaties with China. Therefore, east Tibet could...
Big projects allure big and delicate corruptions among the top and corporate level of government wings; Padma Bridge is nothing exceptional ...
Bangladesh is on verge of a major transformation. It could either catapult itself into the top league of developed nations or else slip into a den of Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists. In other words, it could either become Turkey or Iran. Everything depends on whether the Awami ...
The magazine has published about the most failure state index and that should take care and precaution for the coming problems otherwise we may have to go for big problems in future.
Bangladesh Commerce Minister advises people to eat less, and Be the number one on the rating of tax!
My experience in Dacca was unique and I realized women are just another commodity there. Sad but real
As an introduction and motivation to hone your reading interest, I would like to invite you to read first rita banerji's heartbreaking story about 17-year old Roopa for you to fully comprehend "Dowry" well. Thank you.
The recent Bangladesh government's attitude to control and subdue any opponent's activities by force is a bad gesture towards the smooth path of tolerance and respectful journey of democracy.
Is that T-shirt on your back a murder weapon? Are you a modern slave-master?
While making a good system into a better is difficult, this is rather easy to destroy it. Bangladesh education is seemingly in a disturbing situation.
Do you know why and how some guys advance faster than others? Do you still think your talents can bring you success?
People are caught in the middle of politics and government stupidity.
This page is written based on the current political and social disturbances in Bangladesh.
Democracy is the tools to use in my own choice and freedom, ignoring all others particularly if they are in opposition! This is the philosophical stand of the present government in Bangladesh.
This is the observation that I have about the ongoing political movement in Bangladesh, where political lies are well understood!
This is the current topic that has been happening in Bangladesh, seemingly government in a jeopardy.
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