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Things are shaken up in the town of Arokakl, when bank robber, Gary, uses a tube of chap stick to disarm the security guard in a small town bank. Is Gary connected to this security guard in some way, or is he working on his own?
When a man robs a bank to get medical care, something is seriously wrong in this country.
The Father's Day massacre was a bank robbery and shooting that took place on Sunday, June 16, 1991 at the United Bank Tower in Denver, Colorado.
We must be very careful while dealing with money matters and bank accounts in online earnings to avoid unwanted issues.
Years ago I walked into a bank that was being robbed. The robbers had huge hand guns and pointed them at me. Luckily no one was hurt and we were put in the safe and told to lie down, which we did. A scarey experience!
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What and how to ask the bank for a business loan. Details are explained below.
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~Larimer Street in Denver~it’s the place to be for the in-crowd, sports junkies, girls on the make~the haves pushed the don’t haves out years ago~it used to be skid-row~I liked it better then~spilled some blood there~not all of it my own~
In case you are thinking that this style of bank robber is unique, you would be interested in knowing that it has been tried before, in the movies!
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