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Obama calls for clear rules to ensure net neutrality in the United States. The demands go beyond the previous considerations the competent authority FCC goes far. The proposals aim to explain the network infrastructure and in order to exclude interference by the provider.
If the jihadists leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi possibly dead? The American forces do not rule out that the IS-leader was among the victims of an air attack by the military coalition near Mosul.
Barack Obama, the president of the United States, visited my town last week and met with a few supporters - including me! Find out what it's like to meet the president and have the national media and Secret Service swarming the area.
The Obama administration is getting tougher on the health matters. For this purpose, they have created some " mystery Shoppers"!
The President of the United States, Barack Obama and his new activities on Twitter, the Social Networking website !
This weekend will be the best ever weekend for Chelsea Clinton ,after all she is getting married.But one shocking thing happened
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