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A tale highlighting just how much power a barber wields. Respect them, they can make or ruin your day.
Barber and Haskill are not the scammers, I do not know who started this scam, but want to warn others about it so nobody falls for it, or similar types of scams.
Here's a cute, short poem about a boy's first shave. Hope you enjoy this one.
Are you thinking of starting a barbershop? The article provides tips on how to start a barbershop business.
A look at the legend that was Wyatt Earp, Lawman, Gambler and Wells Fargo outrider
I have been a writer since I was let's say 11 and not long ago, I ventured into professional writing. But for once in my Life, not until 2008, I never thought of been a Poet. Even in 2008, I just tried to construct a Love Poem just to taunt a Poem, after which I forgot about it, not u...
This is the third in my popular What's in a Name series, we have looked at Smith and the colours, now we turn our attention to the professions, many people were given names according to their profession, read on to see if your name meant a profession.
Barbers, modern artists and greatly under appreciated by everyone. We don't normally see anyone praising their barbers so I'll praise mine.
My mom decides I get a haircut. So, my cousin and I get ready. We thought that it may just be a simple trip to the barber and back home. We were way off...
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