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New York City is known for its nightlife and the relative higher cost of everything from a penthouse apartment to a dirty water hotdog (don't ask!). These are not mutually exclusive though, you can get the good life without the high cost!
Did you know that any of your poems could pay you for a cup of coffee on March 21? Read to know how.
just something I was write to a beat of music. just something to get the creative juices flowing.
Struggling together with good and honest men is a lot better than going apart from them.
It´s nothing wrong with using one´s fingers or even one´s hands to better enjoy few plates of tapas over the counter.
In my early teens, until I joined the United States Marine Corps, I worked on a cattle ranch in southern Utah. In the nearest town there was one bar, they called it the Tip-Top-Club and at the end of each season all the cowboys gathered there to drink and play cards, just like in the ...
A little snack for those who dig the bars. Have you ever been 86'd? I'll bet you have, you being a strong American with conviction as well as a cast-iron liver . . .
Summer is a joyous season, but Autumn and Winter are more interesting ones to enjoy them.
A poem about being in a relationship that people don't know about until something drives the person to share the secret
Four women in Fort Lauderdale,Florida are accused of preying on men from bars that they picked up. Photos of these women were released. One of these women has turned herself in. There is $1,000 reward for anybody that comes forward with tips or clues on this investigation. You w...
There is a statue of a fairy in my backyard. I was imagining what she does when I'm asleep at night.
This is a poem I wrote about one of my brothers when he was in jail. I believe that the words are pretty clear. At least they are to me.
Standing around, listening-in by chance, Maybe at a pub, a singles bar, even at a dance. One hears a conversation and never know the end Was it for real and about a friend.
There are many questions that give man pause for thought, such as why are we all here and what is infinity, but here in the Byrd Nest, we often are more concerned with other strange issues such as why are there no "Welcome" signs in cemeteries and why does Tide contain a warning label...
The Maldives is one of the world's hottest destinations at the moment, yet it's not really known for its nightlife. Still, even without the usual bars and clubs, there are still many pleasant ways to spend the evening in this beautiful island destination...
Now a days,empoyees are desired to complete their office work atleast 3 days a week, at grove,parks,libraries,bars,hotels,resorts,clubs, they can yield the double productivity
Expensive bars are actually better value for money...
This is a sad story written in verse. Free verse from me, which is not always. But this tale shouldn't be rhyming or read for pleasure.
Martin didn't know or understand why, all of a sudden, from being a free man he became a prison inmate.
I've been going to this one bar since before I was 21, It use be an alright place to go then people got older problems got bigger. Girls hates girls, guys always fighting, drama drama drama, but people still go..........
~Benny followed me from bar to bar~dumb ass kid thought I was cool~riding my ol’ ’71 shovel-head~he rode a Harley Sportster~a mini-bike~I left him in a bar one night arguing football with some obnoxious idiot~he refused to leave~young pup~after I left he asked the man outside~who ...
I love singing on karaoke night. It's usually a weekly thing for me.
hi fellow traverllers a short holiday review about the greek island of crete
Ever felt like you've "Got to have a Guiness on St. Paddy's?" This article is here to say that's NOT the case. Read on to discover Irish alcohol alternatives if you're not a fan of The Black Stuff.
With Saint Patrick's Day coming up this article talks about how so many of us celebrate the day, but also why so many ignore other Patron Saints and their holidays. i.e. St. George.
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