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To define Vaastu Shastra - Vaastu , which means physical environment and Shastra meaning knowledge or principles, is one of the traditional Hindu canons of town planning and architecture.Its current popularity stems from its focus on a wholesome approach to space and form...
Unless you are a fitness professional, you may only have a vague idea of how to get fit, but if you understand the basics of effective exercise, you will be able to organize your exercises effectively to accomplish your goals.
Survival tips for anyone living on low incomes, but still wishing to enjoy life.
The change in our lifestyles threatens to destroy the very basics that sustained us over generations. We are becoming more selfish and less cohesive society. Time to ponder and sow the right seeds to sustain our journey that has only begun.
My experience on why I had to learn to cook and why it's important to know the basics to be able to cook more elaborated recipes.
We learn the basics of proper behavior from young but the world around us races ahead by not heeding them. We have to be patient, calm and keep our cool. Eventually, we will be rewarded in more enduring ways than by those that prove transient.
True meaning in our lives and peace will be possible only through a just and inclusive society. The rich-poor divide should be bridged; now the chasm is getting wider even in communist and poor countries leading to stress within society.
We have no idea why we are here, neither do we know where we come from, if at all. We cannot choose our parents. What matters is the time between birth and death and the endless choices to make our lives fulfilled. No one needs to be a loser unless we choose to!
Why are words so important? This is a critical question that anyone who is interested in self-improvement should be asking themselves. Words are used to express, attack, or defend ideas - use the right words and people do listen; say the right thing and you can change the hearts and m...
We are consumed by a lifestyle that leaves little time to pause, take stock and ponder where are headed for. We are becoming robotic and move way from nature. We need to pause, smell the roses once in while and catch our breath for our survival.
When we take others for granted, become insensitive to their beliefs, culture and feelings we repeat past mistakes. We never learn the lessons as we expect different results while repeating the wrong actions. Time to turn a new leaf. Technology is no substitute for empathy and underst...
Normal thinking in amateur photographer is that one can always good pictures with advanced digital camera.i want to illustrate that What ever may be the advanced camera we have, learning basics is required.
This article is about the different lighting options for your home when you are creating a home theater.
Do you still have no idea what bridal gown to wear? Before you suffer from analysis paralysis, consider the following tips from one of the finest couturiers/designers - Edward Teng.
Have you ever wondered how energy goes from the sun to us? Find out here!
Forces are all around us. Find out more about forces here!
Learning and knowing the basics of Google adwords.
Tips for making your money go further when shopping for food
Poker is without doubt one of the cleverest games ever devised. A near perfect combination of skill, luck and psychology, it is quick for the first time player to learn and yet can take a lifetime to master.
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