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This is the first part of a new series based on the Biblical book of Exodus.
I won. The exhiliriating feeling of success is beyond words. One has to experience it to believe it.
They say that a poem can't be edited much, because it has to come up naturally. It's the essence of poetry. Here is one of the few I dare to write.
Some people have an irrational horror of failure, and therefore they dare not try to achieve anything.
Never have your eggs in one baskets especially online, you never know when the website going to disappear or stop paying.
Oh this is definitely leg pulling for some. For others it will make a lot of sense and whichever is yours enjoy...but perhaps it will open doors for you to go through...ha!
The journey of making my first Native American styled raffia basket may not be an exciting one, but the techniques I learned will be with me a lifetime.
My 8 year old daughter pops a sudden request. I take up the challenge and construct a basket that I am quite proud of and so I am sharing it with you.
We keep learning all through life ,we have to remember the lessons we learn as we grow older and need the knowledge. Knowledge is something no one can ever take away from you..
The privileged status which greenback enjoys is the resultant of politico-economic standing of its country. Strength of a currency is dependent on the financial capabilities and reputation of the geographic unit it represents and not vice-versa.
I was born, and lived, in Wales for the first 33 years of my life and this is a poem about a few of my favourite flowers..
More with Dillard & Dabney McFurperson, enoy! These guys are so great they provide a lot of material.
I have put together a few tricks for making your own gift baskets. I used store bought cookies but, it is all in the decoration and of course you can substitute your baked goods.
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