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Surrounded by calm blue waters, the haunting image of Hashima Island holds many keys to the past among the many forgotten buildings that greet you upon your arrival. At first glance, the gateway to the Devil's den appears to be in the offering if the blatant thick and misty atmosphere...
My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
Since Valentine's Day exists and is around the corner, we'll see what the lonely can do to have a pleasant day.
Every body needs good sleep, unless we have good sleep we cannot perform the next day activities perfectly. So we have to take some tips to get good sound sleep.
White Vinegar is useful in many ways. Here are the ten uses of white vinegar, read on.
The 80 years old person named Haji Amu from Iran is not taking bath since 60 years, nobody knows the reason for not taking bath since decades. He eat dead animals flesh by baking them in fire.
Bath soap is a common thing done by many people. However, not only a bath with soap alone we can cleanse the skin. There are other, more effective ways to cleanse the body and make the skin look clean and healthy.
A poem describing the awesome atmosphere in a bubbly bath
How to get some sleep with a newborn at home. This is a short to teach a newborn the difference between daytime and nightime...and have some rest !!
People with low blood pressure should not have a hot water bath for a long time. Having a hot water bath for a long time will lead to dizziness, fainting and a further drop in the blood pressure. This can lead to further complications.
There are some main hints to take into account when dealing with fever. What to do and what to drink. This piece of advice will keep you in good health.
Water is the driving force of all nature. - Leonardo da Vinci
Milk bath is an ancient secret and has been performed for centuries because it was believed to make the skin beautiful and radiant. Find out more the great benefits of milk bath.
A Poem that randomly came to me one night about a week ago before this publication. Comments are open.
Just because that towel is old and has some tears, doesn't necessarily mean you have to toss it out. Convert it into something new instead.
Have you tried to sleep naked any time, there are lot of health benefits in naked sleeping. Try naked sleeping and find the differences like this
This article describes about a traditional method of taking oil bath which improves skin radiance and texture. This method of oil bath is the best fairness treatment for anyone.
A poem of praise for the gift of mothers and motherhood!
Journeying the Bilbo Baggins way through Bath, its history, the people who inhabited this ancient city, the Roman Baths and more...
Many people go to the store to buy lavender bath soak, but the truth is it is easy to make at home using basic ingredients that are affordable and healing to the body, mind, and spirit.
Bath, near England, has long been a heritage tourist destination and is preferred by many people all round the world. But it could just be the most Romantic Gateway you have every had. Just take a look at the attractions that Bath has for you and your partner.
I am reviewing my absolutely cherished shower gel, the Oriflame Discover Borneo Tropical Rainforest Shower Gel.
The implied sensual stirrings of the deep, foreboding unconscious' sublime artistic sexuality reside deep under obvious deceptively stilled waters; apt to erupt at any moment.
Water is a life-giving fluid. Human beings cannot survive without water. Water also has therapeutic value. This article provides a brief description of some hydrotherapy techniques.
By following these tips in your life style and food habits,you can protect your body from bad odor coming from sweat
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