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This time of the year is perfect to get rid of things not needed anymore, promising to have more than we really need.
Imagine standing in your bathroom having a conversation with two wild birds, a Secretary Bird and an Owl. What you don’t realize is that they are sent with a message from God, it’s time for someone in your family to come home. You missed the point and thought you could stop it f...
Felipe finds employment and agrees to continue living with his cousin and her family. Jordan and Felipe face a dilemma.
This is a guide to installing bathroom tile written by a 16 year veteran in the field.
in this Blog I will go through my daily routine. starting form prayers and ending in sitting in the car
Work on the aspects of design that work in the bathroom. Cut costs by minimizing the actual change. Use efficient works people good tiles and material. This will save you money in the long run.
A fun poem relating to those days when money really did not grow on trees. Miserly folks like these were a regular spice for gossip, they were not uncommon then.
A poem describing the awesome atmosphere in a bubbly bath
Let’s just reconsider few of our daily activities that can make our days healthier, happier and more enjoyable!
All of us have that one friend that lives in a perfect apartment. A simple party dinner at that friend’s house turns into admiration until you feel silly giving compliments again and again. This is one way that you can achieve that...
When in the course of events, some men go to the bathroom, their aim is sometimes disastrously not there, so I penned this for those who can’t thread the needle!
A Poem that randomly came to me one night about a week ago before this publication. Comments are open.
Learn how to save water in your bathroom and help towards a more sustainable future... It's all up to us!
Get creative with the way you store you toilet paper. Instead of hiding it, try displaying it to create more space.
Useful quick household cleaning tips for moms. Here are some cleaning magic you can try to keep the household back in shape.
Selecting bathroom tiles is like making a long-term investment. Because tiles are typically durable, you will not have to trouble yourself about replacing them soon.
I stayed at Grove flock Farm last week. Read on to find out more.
When you are in the bathroom you may not believe it, but you can save a few cents. Those cents add up to larger savings yearly!
Bathroom Wolf is a poem about an adult using the bathroom when all of a sudden a child wishes to use it at the same time but not for the purpose you would think
Having a stylish bathroom storage cabinet will add to the beauty of the bathroom. It is a great solution to bathroom storage.
The 0.5 GPM Low Flow Dual-Thread Faucet Aerator is an innovative faucet characterized by style coupled with durability.
Combine a stubborn senior with a big mouth Yankee, and you have me and Arthur.
Lillian fears that she is pregnant for Alex and dreads the thought of going back to the city.
A few little tips on household chores, just to make it easier.
Now a days the people are falling in internet addict just like smoking and drinking, reduce the computer hours daily
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