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"The motivation for the utilization of mirrors on the veneer originated from the encompassing nature," Reform's guideline planner, Marcin Tomaszewski tells Gizmag. "I needed to embed the building into nature."
This poem describes how a group of people who thought their religion was superior to all the other religions, bullied a non-believer on the roadside.
Keeping the bathroom and shower mildew-free is quite a challenge to many people. Here are ways to remove mildew from your bathroom and simple solutions to keep them off. Good thing about it is that you don’t have to spend on expensive mold and mildew cleaning solutions if you follow...
When you are in the bathroom you may not believe it, but you can save a few cents. Those cents add up to larger savings yearly!
Make the most of your bath by using it for beauty treatments as well as for getting yourself clean and fresh. The steam from a warm bath will help a face or hair packs to work well, or will soften your nails and cuticles ready for a manicure or pedicure.
A DIY guide to converting most any bedroom dresser into a unique bathroom vanity.
A firefighter that works for Mobile fire rescue department has many duties every time he or she reports for duty for their 24 hour work shift. Rescue and extrication is two of the many duties a firefighter performs including cleaning the inside of the fire station such as sweeping, mo...
A toilet is not as hard to replace as you may believe.
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