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Last week was a busy and diverse one for me. Read on to find out more about it.
Obituary for Irish musician and television personality Val Doonican.
Analysing the BBC's response to concerns I raised about possible Satanic chicanery in its representation of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as a song with mood lifting and healing qualities.
The Islamist terror militia Boko Haram is said to have once again carried out a massacre in the Nigerian state of Borno. A city and many villages were devastated, eyewitnesses report.
Examining the 'novel' 1984 by George Orwell, and that he was thirty years too early
IDW published Doctor Who from 2007-2013. Not counting Classics reprints and the 2013 P4isoners of Time they focused primarily on the 10th and 11th Doctor... this $series starts with a recap of the David Tennant era.
Do you know anything about new Doctor Who comic publisher Titan Comics? Let's find out about them together.
A look at the very first episode of Dr. Who from 1963
Maria Stubbings was murdered in December 2008 by Marc Chivers, an ex-boyfriend. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has had two attempts at investigating the conduct of the police in relation to this crime. Its second report was published today, 4½ years after the murder, 3...
A 24 years young lady from Chen Siyuan from Handan, China's Hebei province having an incredible ability to write two different languages English and China both with two hands at a time.
The power of the BBC to manipulate and influence World Opinion of various events, primarily those concerning Israel.
Jimmy Saville was renowned for his eccentric personality, and his tireless charity work, but there was so much more to him. Read on to find out more.
Recent sightings of two identified flying object over London during the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony have been shown on youtube.
A short poem about a very special pig called Porky
A short poem, based on a true story "A Gentle Reminder"
This is a poem about a boat called "Pride of Inchkeith"
BBC televised news reporting has become more and more like CNN. There is a need for new channels that more precisely and more objectively report the news without too many political agendas.
The song "What a wonderful World" has been revamped and re-released many times, and each time it was in the face of world strife. the first time was at the time of race riots across 100 cities in the states, there was even the fear of civil war, the violence included attacks on Jewish...
It would be easy to pigeonhole this suburban drama, based on Christos Tsiolkas’ controversial award-winning novel of the same title, as an examination of race relations in modern multicultural Australia, but in reality it is an intricate story about intertwining social relationships...
A poem I wrote a few years ago about a favourite show of mine - 'QI'.
The first programme in a new series of The Jonathon Ross show was aired on ITV1 last Saturday. Read on to find out about it.
A look into the most popular BBC2 programme of recent years. Looking at the "characters", the ego's, the controversy and the popularity.
It has been reported on the latest weather report for England that a heatwave is to hit this Weekend.
Can't get enough of the Royal Wedding? Read and watch the Royal wedding highlights from various television and social media coverage such as Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, BBC, CNN and from the official Royal wedding 2011 website.
An analysis of and reasons behind the BBC News channel's multi-camera setup.
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