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The Pioneer Saloon has daily reports from workers and visitors of a full-bodied apparition that appears to be the cantankerous old ghost miner who was killed by a cheating gambler back in 1915. The bullet holes found in the interior wall today are a grim reminder of the miner who lost...
The Burgatory Bar stands alone when it comes to their high grade grounded blend of private label sirloin, chuck, brisket and short ribs patted out into a huge patty that can only be described as food of the Gods. The Burgatory Bar you get to design your own tasty creation on a bun. Th...
This article is for those who are looking for the very best barbequed meats in the Inland Empire in California.
This humourous article is dedicated to all GCFRs of Nigeria on the occasion of Nigeria's 52 Independence Celebration. It is a collection of jokes from some Nigerian commedians with a view of freeing people from stress and to put smiles on the faces of readers generally.
I love gadgets, so when I saw an online ad for the Man Law Digital BBQ Tongs, I just had to have a pair. Little did I know that if I had waited a few days that I could have saved $20. The tongs retailed for $44, but four days after I had whipped out the plastic and order mine, the day...
We will make a New York Strip right in your home for a fraction of the price.
Quick and easy recipe for a tasty home made coleslaw
Ok just so you know, I am not liable for the pounds you or your family member gain because of what your about to create. It's not my fault bottom line, but I suggest looking into some stretchy pants.
Consuming raw and undercooked meat can be dangerous and may lead to all sorts of health and medical problems. This article explains the reasons why it is important to ensure meat is properly cooked before it is eaten.
A complete Labor Day menu - pick and choose but all items are very easy to make. Not just for Labor Day either!
That steak cost too much to grill it wrong. Save money by learning from the mistakes of others.
How to make Oysters Hawaiian style by cooking them on a barbecue.
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