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Lovers Beach This is a desire for many to go to the beach daily but 'tis expensive really
The article speaks about the beautiful ambience of Taprospa hotel in Beruwala, Sri Lanka. It is a nature's paradise.
What was once a quiet resort town has fallen victim to corporate greed and over-development.
Another nephew who is a songwriter and singer. Also a musician because he plays the guitar and piano. Makes me feel proud.
This is an observational free-verse sketch illustrating the fluctuating thought which happen to any mind.
Series of articles that take an inside look at the best Jamaican resorts and attractions
The idea of partying on the beach is universally appealing, conjuring up images of dancing from sunset to sunrise on golden sands, with bonfires, great music, crashing waves and cocktails in the mix.
the sea beach lovers are no new pair ....all lovers do who can dare... lest others feel left out
A quick guide to the best bits of this end of the beautiful and varied county of Cornwall; written by a native hopelessly in love with this rugged,treasure trove of a place.
Me and my office mates decided to take a break from "gruesome" work this past summer. And when I say we decided to take a break, we really meant to go full blast! Here are some photos of the scenery of the Hidden Paradise we discovered located at San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines.
Here are some things that you can do if you want to go on holiday to Turkey.
Having recently returned to Mombasa the experience has caused me to reflect on some of the past times that I visited the city and had time to relax and enjoy. Mombasa is known for its white sand beaches.
hi a short travel review of a small town in crete called hersonissos in crete,Greece hope you enjoy
During the summer season, the island of Boracay becomes a hot spot considering that a lot of influential personalities come to this place for their summer vacations. The Department of tourism of the Philippine Island continues its effort in making Boracay’s reputation as one of the ...
Summer getaway in the beach would be so much fun! Dip, wade and enjoy the sea in an affordable price!
Washing your clothing in Haiti is a more involved process than in the USA but is necessary to know if you are planning to go over there to help out with the famine.The act of washing clothes is a great female bonding time for communication and friendship among the women.
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