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laying on a beach..some lie some lay the beach is one whee lovers play and love openly display
The idea of partying on the beach is universally appealing, conjuring up images of dancing from sunset to sunrise on golden sands, with bonfires, great music, crashing waves and cocktails in the mix.
This is the most peaceful place I could think of =) I wish I was there.
the sea beach lovers are no new pair ....all lovers do who can dare... lest others feel left out
This is a poem about a nice romantic day on a warm sandy beach during the middle of summer!
I wanna share my traveling experience for a week in BALI, one of world's best tourism spot. Please read this before visiting Bali. Enjoy! ^^
Me and my office mates decided to take a break from "gruesome" work this past summer. And when I say we decided to take a break, we really meant to go full blast! Here are some photos of the scenery of the Hidden Paradise we discovered located at San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines.
A piece of poetry about beautiful places and the way you should you see it.
Having recently returned to Mombasa the experience has caused me to reflect on some of the past times that I visited the city and had time to relax and enjoy. Mombasa is known for its white sand beaches.
A recently discovered poem I had written some 30 years ago when true democracy was starting to take shape in many dark dictatorial regimes dominating the globe at the time. A time was set to dawn where the rights of the individual were not a distant dream on the horizon any more, The ...
This article tells about the traditional wedding "Sasak tribe" on the island of Lombok. A beautiful island, with its beaches of soft white sand ... and the attraction of a unique and diverse customs. Very worthy of consideration into your year-end tourist destination ...
A walk at the beach could stir in our thinking the way of life in the past and what happened to those who came before us. Here I have sorted out a poetry inspired by the sands from the beach.
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