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This is an article about two extremely beautiful cities in Croatia called Split and Dubrovnik.
Long Beach Island, as the name suggests, is host to a number of beaches. The unique geography of the island gives it a good stretch of coast with beaches suitable for surfing, bathing and other water-sports. These beaches usually have a fee but are of good quality.
Coastlines are subject to coastal erosion. Coastal erosion is when the coastlines are eroded by the sea and its waves. As a result, cliffs gradually collapse into the sea and coastal landscapes are reduced. As such, a number of coastal erosion issues surrounding the impact of coastal ...
Lovers Beach This is a desire for many to go to the beach daily but 'tis expensive really
Montauk Point Lighthouse, on the tip of New York's Long Island, offers visitors a chance to step back into history while enjoying breathtaking views of the ocean.
This article is about how a travel commercial can relate to writing. The site mentioned in the article is not this site but another site that I no longer write for
Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach are nice beaches in Sentosa Island you should visit for making unforgettable experience on the beach.
Original religious atmosphere and beautiful beaches are two things that you would have encountered in Bali which is difficult to find in other places.
Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a hidden gem on the Pacific side of this beautiful country. This article discusses some of the things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Star "sun' is giving many possibilities to seaside cities to make many activities until the end of sun, where people are looking to keep their stay in beach
Mahabalipuram is a great travel destination. It is a place where you can see architectural wonders, creations of the Pallava Dynasty in south-east India. You can relax and enjoy the Mahabalipuram beach. Mahabalipuram is one of the places to visit on your vacation. It is located 50 Km...
A short description of the many different options water sports lovers have when they visit the beaches in Negril , Jamaica.
The Islands of Trinidad and Tobago offers a multitude of enticing attractions to visitors. One of these attractions are the beaches some of which are secluded and to a large measure, unspoilt.
A recent trip to Cornwall - with images - that shows off the glory of its northern coastline
Whether you’re up for a Crocodile Dundee adventure or you’d just like a taste of the Australian sun, the beaches in and around Sydney can offer you all that and more. Being in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s seasons are reversed from those in Europe, North American, and muc...
The idea of partying on the beach is universally appealing, conjuring up images of dancing from sunset to sunrise on golden sands, with bonfires, great music, crashing waves and cocktails in the mix.
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In the last Episode, we read about some very interesting and beautiful sites to visit in the world. This episode will be a continuation to the previous. So just enjoy the ride to know the most breath-taking places of the world and do your best to visit some or all. You can scan throug...
the sea beach lovers are no new pair ....all lovers do who can dare... lest others feel left out
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This is list of 25 best beaches in Asia by Trip advisor among twenty-five beaches 8 beaches are in India.
Gokarna is located in western sea coast of Karnataka, India. It is an Hindu pilgrimage centre with lot of Shiva temples and it is also having several beaches for tourists
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