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The new fad among modern women seems to be collecting Pandora beads. There are many different types and designers of beads out there. These beads are used for making custom jewelry. Pandora beads are among the most popular.
Make your own beautiful beaded jewelry without the use of an expensive kit.
Own your very own Dragon egg, creatures rarely seen and its eggs are even rarer, beautiful and more majestic than the dragon itself. Some say its the egg that creates the dragons need to surround itself with treasure.
This article lists the many benefits of making your own jewelry, including relaxation, enjoyment, creativity, originality, and business opportunities. It gives some very basic information about making jewelry, including tools, beads, and findings.
A story of an older woman and her Granddaughter looking through some trinkets and the memories they rouse.
A wonderful and colorful experience with the Hare Krishnas
Here are some easy-to-do and helpful tips to handle and preserve your favorite jewelries. What can you do to preserve and organize them, convenient way to keep your necklaces in your jewelry box, repairing broken beads of necklaces, and the solution if your skin shows irritation weari...
In my many drawers I have hundreds of small objects that I pick up on my walks, or in thrift shops,and antique malls. Anything that looks interesting, is small, and BLINGY can wind up in one of my collages, on one of my gourd pots, or hung around my neck! Here are some of the fun ways...
Jesus was known for his astounding miracles when he walked the earth. Here is one of my personal favorites...
Learn how to get started on making beaded jewelry, even if you have never made any crafts before.
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