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I recently entered the world of responsible gambling.
Children have unique ways of praising the Lord. Read what this contributor learned by observing their act of worship at church.
Just bring it on Whoo! Move, swish Swing! Yeah! Smokey Whoa! Keep that beat Going!
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
There is not discounting the power there is in the hands of music
It is time to tear down this government, and if not at the polls, then revolution is here. The time is now, not in your children’s future, for us to quell this anarchist government with a show of force on our, the People’s, side!
A poem and a beat are two different styles of writing. Poetry has been around since well before any of us were born. A beat was invented in the twentieth century in the 50's. And beats were popular up to the 70's. This art from isn't used as much but, I am attempting to bring beats ba...
A poem about being lost in the woods at night, how creepy it is and how with more luck you could be at home.
I wrote this bit of free from after reading my second Kerouac novel, The Dharma Bums, after previously enjoying On the Road a great deal. I've always had a great appreciation for his free-from prose and self-expression without revision. It's about college students at Michigan State Un...
This is the second part of a series on How to Learn, How to Sudy and How to Pass Exams
Fatigue has become an asset of the modern lifestyle. It is not because of some hard work or tiresome task, but more because of the modern lifestyle. Modern technology and computer life has tied up human life sedentary leading to fatigue.
Off the status message There you go making my heart beat again. Dedicated to my Troy.
Sound poem. Written for my wonderful fiance Troy.
It is always such joy to return home to get into that atmosphere of calypso and carnival
The gentle heart resides in us all, whether we be saint or sinner, holds no meaning in it’s regard. It is incapable of distinguishing variations of love, for it knows there is no such thing. It knows that there is only love, and all of the rest, only the means to find it.
In a society grown to a degree of complexity so great, that we find ourselves lost, even in the simple act of living, we must ask ourselves continually, “Am I truly free?”
Here I tried to reconciliate my failing soul from the glimpse of Light, a heavenly wisdom showered upon my tired intellect. Am I clear in this expression?
Relaxation is an absolute necessity in life and many of us simply don't get enough of it. Whether it is because of busy schedules or busy minds, relaxation tends to be a luxury instead of a mandatory part of each day. It is no secret that the ability to relax has been linked to bett...
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