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Beautifully put across We are human and the only thing which is common.. is the aging effect with exception none... except by accident
WwwwOOH of lovely Beauty cannot be contained nor is it one persons domain
We hope that you will have a white skin.I wish you success!
This poem of how we are after perfection and feel like we can not obtain it. and how the devil lies at us.
Beautiful November scenario..A Beautiful November Birthday All sexy guys are November born that's why Scorpios have a sex symbol did u not know?
Menthol, honey, and little else. Easy to make, this natural haze eases and relaxes tired legs. A veil of particularly pleasant coolness in summer. Recipe refreshing beauty heavy legs
O beauty thou art..A lovely woman is a beauty a joy and must be for ever pure
After a night of sharing, trust and consolation, Felipe knows it's time to share his secret with Mona.
A Poem Dedicated to a crystal flower opened to soon, to a woman who has felt how hard the bee can sting the bird. And any of Gods gems who can relate
Colleen had the looks and talent to win the Fair Queen contest. Her plans were changed.
Beauty lies...Love and beauty are in ones mind We all must learn to respect others
The most personal poem I've written to date. About a close friend of mine that I don't speak to anymore but whom never leaves my mind. Also my first attempt at a sestina.
Beauty is light..Without ones eyes no one can enjoy the beauty that abounds all around
Conceit and Arrogance, self formed or encouraged by others, always lead to a fall.
Makeup can be a girls’ best friend if used correctly. The trick is to make it look natural and effortless, just how a summer should be. Summer is full of pleasures, but melting makeup, NO! Makeup-less is not always ideal; but you have to be comfortable with that.
Looking good does not require a visit to the salon nor does it have to break the bank. Step into your kitchen for a variety of natural ingredients, from honey, oats, yogurt, cucumber, eggs, fresh fruits as well as whole milk and sesame seed oil to keep your skin looking smooth and fre...
This woman is beautiful but not happy, she is pretty but not free.
This poem focuses on the girl a person craves for.. but is shy to tell his feelings to her..!!
This poem tells about from where do I get inspirations to write such delightful poems and yes..Is there someone I write these poems for?
What's life? i know right? no proper answer can be given fr that one. That is only what I am trying to justify here and also telling about the factors,and every bit of life:)
This poem tells about a person who like everyday comes to home after work but there is no one waiting for him so he drifts out he comes to know that it was no ordinary day.
My experience at an Upscale Beauty Salon in Deep Ellum.
Everybody wants be look beautiful and handsome to stand himself good looking everywhere and every time.
There's nothing left, you should take it all over again, but it's an understatement to end, because they know that's no beginning, nor end. It's boundless. Want and need to see you, even listen to you, no, it's great ... it's endless, and is present every day in my life. I was wrong, ...
Because it's too sad, it's too ... too lifeless, nothing. There's nothing left, you should take it all over again, but it's an understatement to end, because they know that's no beginning, nor end. It's boundless.
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