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If you want to make your hair look beautiful, below are the secrets that you can use to increase its strength and beauty.
I don't have a strict routine on make-up and hair colours. of course I look after my skin. However playing with hair and make-up and not following too many rules has given me self-esteem and taught me to look how I want to look, not as society wants me to look. Too much advertising, m...
WwwwOOH of lovely Beauty cannot be contained nor is it one persons domain
Another story from my book, Picking Up The Pieces: A Woman's Journey
This poem of how we are after perfection and feel like we can not obtain it. and how the devil lies at us.
O beauty thou art..A lovely woman is a beauty a joy and must be for ever pure
Beauty lies...Love and beauty are in ones mind We all must learn to respect others
Learn ways to keep your hair very healthy with these five tips.
Beauty is light..Without ones eyes no one can enjoy the beauty that abounds all around
Your hair puts up with a lot; blow drying, straightening, curling, dying, washing, brushing the list is endless! So it's easy to see why all this styling may cause dull, dry and damaged locks. However, by following some simple tips you can reduce and improve your crowning glory so you...
My experience at an Upscale Beauty Salon in Deep Ellum.
Find out how to take care of tour skin without spending too much money.
These are two comments on poetic works I loved reading here and THIS IS MY 1000 PAGE ON WIKI NUT CLAP CLAP CLAP FOR ME
your beautiful face...all human beings admire beauty ... coz that's all they can see ..before they experience any
My page is about the wonderful and lasting effects of Argan oil on hair.
The fabulous skin comes in many colors, but when it comes to beauty, there is a council that is not right What does it mean? Beauty products on your skin usually chocolate are different to how they look on your skin friendly vanilla.
What proverbs say about beauty and perfection for all the women who struggles.
Some poet said roses die I had to but disagree and you know why...
A poem i composed in 2010 and has been widely acclaimed I thought of sharing with you..
A discourse on such a simple word as beauty which all love including you and I...
"Beauty comes from within". We've all heard this phrase at least once, and it is very true. This can sometimes seem hard to believe, but we should all try to live within this principle. We have assembled the following tips to help you feel beautiful and good about yourself no matter w...
So you want to enhance your beauty. What do you know about the world of aesthetics? Do you know the different products and techniques to ensure you look like? If these issues you into perplexity, try the tips below!
Caring for care does not only improve its appearance. Most beauty techniques also have the effect of keeping you healthy. Learn to cultivate her beauty is not necessarily a sign of vanity, and you can do a variety of things to beautify yourself while staying in shape.
The beauty is not only skin deep. A lot of people have an inner beauty that far exceeds the most remarkable natural beauty. Kindness, generosity, humility, are manifestations of this inner grace. However, the individual who manages to combine these two forms of beauty is totally irres...
So, you have decided to improve your appearance. It's exciting, is not it? Yeah, well, if one omits the fact that you do not know where to turn between different products and techniques available. How to, where to start? Do not worry, the answers are at your fingertips! The following ...
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