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"Yes, I'm a bum, deal with it. I have nothing to offer society. Now, may I still have your money, pwease?"
I am glad when I am able to put pen to paper in any given situation.
We all deny we have them. Carnal thoughts. Inspiration is all around. I do not hold back when a string of verses catch me. The difficulty comes in having the means to write down the draft at the time of creation. Memory is not always reliable.
The condition of children made to beg on India's streets and gangs that operate on these children
Sincerity can move the gods and animals. Read my story.
fingers grubby, hunger hidden in a dirty knapsack no map, no direction
Do you find beggars intimidating and annoying or do you feel committed to give them your last coins? Read this before you give away your money!
How you view your life and what is happening for you will never be understood by others just as you will never be able to fathom how and why others behave the way they read on and enjoy...perhaps!!!!
~I spent my time in the desert~1000 days~a place called california~crawling through the mess of me~away from my people~looking or the rest of me~scribbling on a steno pad~the 981st day I was eating breakfast at denny’s &…~
This work is pure imagination after a view I had unthinkable but true on the walks of Montreal...
This article reflects the increasing gap between rich and poor of today's generation ....
Beggars are all around the world and most of these beggars are just lazy to work and have become a real problem
This page is about the lazy persons whoever refuse to go work and beg money from others.
Providence offered me a way out, but I had to say no.
~do you have any idea~how precious & delicious our garbage is to children of poverty~how much better it tastes than government commodities~have you seen hunger’s children gobble & rush to eat~when mother notices worms crawling the food~that they might consume it~before she takes it ...
There are many young and skinny beggars on the street, scratch foods and......
~ pocketful of faith ~ drowning in three feet of water ~ the haves are purposefully indifferent ~ the have-nots don’t know the difference ~ there is no such thing as a child stranger ~ lions eat them anyway ~ are they cowards when they run away ~
~ ghosts play the television screen ~ heart & fang share quarters ~ body slack, a flesh reflection ~ is it snowing or white sound ~ blood or mud on my hands ~ I hope so ~ mud has dirt in it ~ tiny dragons ~ blood disease ~ impurity ~
~ to reassert tribal needs & memories ~ Jim Morrison ~ enveloped by you ~ silent & foreboding girl-cats ~ Nietzsche ~ you expect to break me? Impossible! You broke me years ago ~ Charles Manson ~ I stand beneath the mystic moon, an opiate vapor, dewy, dim ~ Poe ~ riding dead horses ~
~I didn’t enjoy working at Wal~Mart~especially didn’t like the lunchroom~too much b.s for me, the tin bosses hung out there~so I’d go freeze or sweat in my truck in the parking lot~ I was rewarded one day when a most beautiful ugly angel appeared~
He enters the houses of men and women without prejudice; he judges the hearts of men and women, of princes and soldiers, without bias. He wears many faces, but behind every face lies the ceaseless hunger of the Beasts.
Homelessness is a major problem across the world. We cannot afford to judge people on the streets as we have not had the misfortune to walk in their shoes.
A Narrative on the Life of Beggars. A Prose on their social estate.
I’m sure we have all come across instances that may have left us embarrassed because of things we may have said or done before thinking twice (even once, sometimes). Please read one such short story.
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