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Ever been curious in knowing the origin of some street names? Here are a few of the old area of Madrid.
No matter how kindhearted you are, at some point you feel abused by beggars expecting you to just give your very hard earned cash away to them. But, remember the Chinese finger trap?
The most worrying factor is of poor people begging for their daily bread. It is not that all beggars are weak and are not able to work, as many of these beggars are just lazy to work. There are some beggars who are really weak or even physically disabled and are not in a position to ...
Do you find beggars intimidating and annoying or do you feel committed to give them your last coins? Read this before you give away your money!
This is a short tribute poem about a wee dog called Jack.
Learning how to be more generous by giving without question to beggars in the street
There are many beggars who are minting money and we are not at all aware of it !
This page is about the lazy persons whoever refuse to go work and beg money from others.
They sing and ask for money… yes money and rejects food… goes inside a running public cab to beg, those streets their home and source of living. Will you be so charitable to give them a coin? This is a story behind the beautiful beaches, white sands and great party, and delicious...
~ our skin no longer fits us ~ what to say of this to youth ~ we miss what we never were ~ a shot in the dark at best ~ pictures of citizens on the wall ~ our memories are death in our hands ~ where is the deep place ~ the death lake ~ where mother went to die ~ a lost tree ~ forest o...
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