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Yes this is a thumb in face about the wickedness that seems to go on and on across the world and as many on wikinut write about. Many of us here try to fathom out the reason and replace meannesswith reason and hope and justice..this is my way of reflecting it back to those who consta...
It all begins and ends with you. You are the sum total of all you have been and done so here you are today either happy or bemoaning your life which most people do the pain or joy is carried on....
To change the common things we are doing alongside with others, we have to switch thinking to the uncommon or just think illogical opposite what we have learned throughout our life.
Methods To Make Money Online Without A Website: 5 Genuine Ways To Net Profits
“You can either plan accordingly in an efficient and organized manner or just let things happen,” says Ben Barzideh, wealth advisor at wealth management firm Piershale Financial Group, in Crystal Lake, Ill. “When you don’t plan for the transfer of your estate to one generation...
Have you thanked God today? Have you gone on your knees to pray?
The first post of my blog, which explores the deeper and somewhat murkier regions of the mind, our society, and our morals.
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