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The book of Genesis in poetry In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and God said let there be light and there was light
The story of the first part of creation, when God created man in his own image, mankind succumb to the wiles and tricks of Satan, that brought about the fall of Adam and Eve. an event which would eventually lead to exclusion from the garden of Eden.
God gave mankind the ability to think things through thoroughly, make progress, and use skills learned. The message of creation is written in the book of Genesis
Isaac and Rebekah, afraid that Esau will make good on his threat to kill his brother, send Jacob away to live with his mother's relatives.
An introduction to upcoming blogs and their general focus on celebrity crushes and the psychology of obsession and the distant-impersonal-yet-personal relationship to celebrities.
all ends sooner or later...but what goes on in between is what matters..a half empty or half full glass always a choice of attitude...some keep on drinking till the glass is empty...more fool they...
This is the very first thing I ever wrote in writing on my own. It's the first chapter to a book I was writing, with some editing of course. I started writing it during my freshman year of high school. I had so much fun with it, that I decided to continue on with writing.
Pretense of what you do leads to nothing so this piece is about your nothingness...creation and death combined for what is started must be completed and so it will be be no matter how you cry for help...
To change the common things we are doing alongside with others, we have to switch thinking to the uncommon or just think illogical opposite what we have learned throughout our life.
This came to me as I started to write. I love watching the sky with all its colours shifting and changing throughout the day and how the clouds draw pictures for me. Night brings forth a different view...glittering stars on dark velvet incredible...alll
This is a poem about beginning and end. A poem that I wrote.
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A poem that formed in my mind out of no where while trying to sleep.
This poem focuses on the girl a person craves for.. but is shy to tell his feelings to her..!!
This poem tells about a person who like everyday comes to home after work but there is no one waiting for him so he drifts out he comes to know that it was no ordinary day.
There is a display of serenity in the daily progress of the year as it slowly moves onward into the memory files of history. Catch the beauty of each day along the way.
One day contained an arrival of new life, and an ending of life's journey of a neighbor, holding emotions of the entire circle of life.
Past or present, public stories or topics will be used to further relate the word of God to personal situations that may be testing the faith of believers in Christ. The page is intended to provide encouragement and inspiration during times that may be tough.
Sometimes in life we just start a task...We don't have enough patience to get result, For eg.,If we sow a seed..We expect the fruit very soon..But we should wait, till the seed germinate to plant,flower and to vegetable or fruit..This poem explains how can we make use of the time in b...
How I became a runner, one small but faster step at a time.
Public awareness about environment is meant to help social groups and individuals to acquire a basic understanding of environment and its associated problems.
This is my version in poetic form of Good Friday - The greatest Friday in all History .
We come from no thing and yet the enormousness of It encompasses All. Too much for the mind to understand yet so profound as are We all. This piece covers a time period when the separation of earth from sun, from moon took place and more....
There are many manipulators on our precious planet who harm not only people but Mother Nature through all the poisons they put in the foods they sell, the chemicals they spray on the land, sea and in the air...when will this come to and end!!!!! .
Dream, real or not? Of course , yes , it , is , silly! Is your breath not real just because you are not remembering it fifteen breaths from now? I will tell you WHY I say this, as you follow me, you will also see, how all our dreams, are REAL! When I wake up on the other s...
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