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Fortune favors the bold, many say. But some would say that fortune shines equally on the bold and the timid, for it is pure chance. Well, here is where I dove-tail with both views, no matter how it is looked at, all fortune for good is a blessing, whatever form it may come in.
Everyday people can learn many things about life by watching their pets. How watching them can lead to learning about contentment.
This past week or so has been a real roller coaster, some serious disappointments, and some good things too.
The real reason why indian society today is becoming intolerant and irrational which the mainstream media has been ignoring
Did God really create us to fulfill some purpose or do we have free will to do and be who we choose to become? My contention is that our family, peers, teachers, and relationships do more to create the person we become than some idea of God does.
Things you can do to encourage the behavior you want in your child.
A beautiful self-styled Sonnet on the well-reputed Politician on the Planet.
This is a regular headache for me as a guardian of a school going child to understand the purpose of schooling and education as a whole, and what the government is doing on it or meddling the system with arrogance and fallacies.
This dream symbol predicts what will happen in the future if you won't change your attitude. You can avoid facing a bad event in order to be corrected if you will obey the unconscious guidance in your dreams.
personality is an influence within the sphere of our life, which determines the characteristics and attributes we exercise in our daily walk, especially the values that has great impact upon the behavior of the individuals.
Dogs must be trained right from when they are young. Different techniques are adopted by owners who use trainers nearest to their homes. Yet use of positive approach to training is vital. It helps the dog retain its vitality and teaches them discipline as well.
Etiquette is All About Behaving with Others The Way You Want Them to Behave with You.
New chapter in my hotel series. This is about people with no manners.
Do you believe that only boys do well in science? Does it seem to you that girls have better vocabularies than boy? In your opinion, are boys better at building things? If your answer to each of those questions is “Yes,” you are right, according to an article in Current Science. T...
One thing is to believe on a conscious level, the other is the subconscious
In today's workplace, people will live or die, quite literally, by how well they are trained. Competency based training and behavior based training are becoming deciding factors in employees longevity.
This article is just something I observed while waiting in a parking lot.
Every person has different personality and belief. They respond or behave according to that. Most of us expect a lot of things from others, but never try to set an example first.There is a child within everyone and like a child (I am not saying it is 100% correct but most of the time ...
The want to be accepted is a human nature and so this urge to have our decisions and choices approved by people around us comes naturally to most of us. But the grave mistake that we commit is to wish and wait for the approval of people whom we like instead of wishing and waiting for ...
Yes some of us may respond most forcefully when this is threatened
In this world, all of us deal with different kind of individuals but the most whom I hate are "mean" people. So whenever you come across mean people just remember some points as mentioned below:
Many times a family find that they have two children along with their parent to watch over and protect. The grandparent an adult but perhaps suffers from health problems and dementia which makes the head of the family feel like 1/2 a child is with them still. Therefore as predicted a ...
Kids will be kids and bad behavior will always be a part of childhood. It is when this bad behavior begins to become a problem that parents need to start thinking about how they are going to handle the misbehavior. You may choose to ignore it or you may choose to seek help. In my case...
If you have ever or are currently experiencing changing child behaviour you are not alone. Every parent experiences some kind of behavioral problem at some stage throughout their parenting years. The trick is to choose not to be silent about your child's behaviour, place yourself in t...
Child behavior is normal most of the time, but even normal behaviors need special attention at times. Especially when those normal behaviors start to show signs of being slightly abnormal. There are many things that we as parents can do to manage and / or fix our children's behaviors....
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