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Sifang Liang Jianying was fabricated a eco friendly First Hydrogen operated Tram in China, it take him two years to fabricate it. It can carry 380 people with 60 seats up to a speed of 70 Kmph. Hydrogen powered tram emits water instead of carbon dioxide.
Material researchers at Stanford University have added to an exceedingly powerful semitransparent air channel that can gather 99 percent of the little PM2.5 particles, considered the most hurtful to the human respiratory tract. The minimal effort channels, which don't oblige force to ...
The meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe turns into a masterpiece of diplomacy. Neither Beijing nor Tokyo wants to escalate their dispute. Therefore, both sides make a dramatic pivot strategy.
State sanctioned and legal, Pastor Zhang has been falsely accused and convicted for crimes he didn't commit. Why? Because he refused to sell his legally owned land to the local government.
After India warned its military not to use Xiaomi devices owing to privacy fears, the Chinese firm has announced plans to open an Indian data centre.
Places to go in Beijing are mysterious, exotic, historical, fascinating and fabulous. Among all the jewels of the Orient, the Chinese capital Beijing still shines among the brightest. This great city is a magnificent modern and ancient metropolis, and thanks to more openness in recent...
Chen Guangbiao a millionaire is utilisting the opportunity by selling Fresh Air cans in Bejing city, Beijing was now with record rate of polluted air.
A poor family from Jilin province of Northeastern China migrated to the Beijing for the education of their children and due to lack of employment and money they took to the contract on public toilets and living in there itself.
Du Xin love friends, he created a café of friends and make convenient place for them to meet at the Central Perk Cafe
A Chines formar manufactured a motor car that will run with windpower and electricity, its speed 140 kms per hour
Suzhou of China is called as Venice of the east with more than 300 rivers & lakes and water ways.
MY look on what to look out for, today at the games, could we surpass the 19 gold medals we won at Beijing ?
15 facts about the Asian Country, China which you may or may not have known.
With the country's communist government existence, the second largest city of China remains strong and intact in terms of economy and tourism expansion. The pure culture of all Chinese people living in the world provides such observance within this city's district.
Highlights of the Summer Palace is Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake, Suzhou Street, East Palace Gate. Nearby the Summer Palace you can also visit Ruins of Yuanmingyuan Park, Fragrance Hill and Beijing Zoo.
Hotel Kunlun is one of the best hotels in Beijing. From Hotel Kunlun to Beijing Capital International Airport the distance is 20km, to Tiananmen Square 10 km, to Beijing railway station 8km.
The People's Republic of China launches new five-year plan in which the rule is: happiness and prosperity. Or, spend. Just hide the money under the mattress, it is time to shop
China is the emerging powers, with which they deal, albeit for different reasons, the leaders of the 21 countries belonging to APEC
My travel experience to Beijing China. A beautiful must see desitnation
In the center of Beijing, the present capital City of China was a fortified enclosure called the Forbidden City, which sheltered the imperial court and the imperial family.
O'LE is Beijing's largest rock climbing gym. Find directions and contact information for O'LE here.
This article looks at the different museums you can visit in Beijing.
This article looks at the different temples you can visit in Beijing.
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