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This program has been developed by an Exercise Physiologist to provide individuals at all fitness levels with a comprehensive exercise program that can be completed at home or wherever you feel most comfortable. It is designed to use your own body weight so very limited equipment is r...
I'm getting ready to start school and I'm both scared and excited. I go to Sunday School too but I have my doubts about the Bible and think the minister may be writing it himself!
Zoey has her heart set on meeting the new neighbors. The first day she fell in a big puddle and ran home soaking wet. The second day she tried to spy but the house was closed up tight. Tonight she has enlisted the help of her best friend Duece to do an undercover operation.
What will you do at Christmas? These ideas may help for those who live on their own.
It is the last night in Harbour Duffet, exams are over and everyone has one last evening walking around the community. Back in their bedroom, Felipe becomes emotional.
Felipe spends the summer watching the other boys swim and getting angry with himself for being different. In September he returns to school and becomes friends the only other person in his class - a girl.
Today is the birthday of one of my best friends and as i sent an email to her, it crossed my mind on how far we have come from when we first met. I have very few friends though I am friendly enough generally. This article is writing about 2 of my all time best friends.
A very short poem about my relationship with my best friend. After not writing for 15 days
A short slam poem about trying to cope with panic attacks and what it feels like to have one
Chloe and Sophie had been friends since they were babies, until Mike came along. Read on to find out what happened
The nerves of kissing someone actually worth kissing. The one who youre supposed to be with.
A short slam poem about my best friend and how a suicide changed her
a slam poem about being surrounded by everything but only noticing one person.
A young sea Captain is visited in a dream by his best friend, who had recently lost his life at sea.
Most of my pages relates somewhere to the other with my bestfriend... and same is the situation for this.. I wrote every writting for bestie.. nd now this one 'The Last One' too for bestie.. Hope it will reach you where you are... And as i always say, "The Relations i make are not b...
We all want to have friends. Some of our friends are the best friends that one can have. But what makes someone a friend? Is it because they are friendly? Is it because they like you?
togetherness while we enjoy so much is left alone the fun, jokes and laughter all flow away
your parents taught you how to walk.. but in evryone's life a person comes who teaches you how to walk 'alone' .. this one on this friendship day for that special friend...!!
I have one family in my life so very much. Please read and gave me your comment.
A tribute to my beloved Leo, a half purebred German Shepherd, one quarter husky, and one quarter wolf. He was a very understanding and compassionate dog who would put his head on my knee when I was down, and he would hold still and let me hug him and cry into his fur until my tears w...
My best friend died of lung cancer last year and this story came to me the night before we said goodbye to her. It was a present to her parents.
Revenge is sweet, it can make you feel better about an unhappy situation, but it won't mend the situation. If it can't be mended, the only thing left is revenge. Read on to find out more.
A revelation of what i feel for my best friend. I love you!
The movie "ted" is a hilarious movie depicting a man who has grown up with a teddy-bear for a best friend. Is this a movie about letting go, or is it a movie about inseparable friends that are meant to be best of friends for the rest of their lives? Well the answers are all in the fun...
Advice for starting a new school. Always a very scary adventure but advice to get through it.
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