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What happens when the only person you trust betrays you?
once young and impressionable i became quite taken with another. needless to say, nothing about this person was healthy. it was a lifetime later when i finally came to terms with this.
sometimes people just are not what they claim to be. sadly, i was employed by such an individual. many lessons were learned, and the experience taught me about the type of person i hope to never become.
A True story that happen to me in September 2013. It crazy how someone can change or you never really no someone even after 6 years. So my life is now in tatters and I am fighting starvation each day. A struggle that I know yet she who brought this evil in my life is enjoying life at ...
People betray us sometimes.. What happens when you feel betrayed by yourself?
Betrayal is unexpected and hits you like a ton of bricks. You have all experienced it in one point in life. You might have even experienced it without even noticing it or maybe you have even betrayed someone and did not realized you did it. This article is designed to give people a be...
A poem uploaded by phone so apologies for mistakes guys
Emma's feet were now starting to slip from beneath her. The relentless pressure on her clutching hand was causing it to slip. Frantically she scrabbled around with her other hand, looking desperately for a safe handhold. Too late. She saw Wendy move and place a rock in her hand...
This letter was written as a cathartic exercise to expel the dark feelings that clouded my life for some years now. It covers the numerous betrayals of one sister to another.
Somebody you love so dearly can be the one to bruise you mentally and spiritually. You might ask yourself why you stay and not just go. Well let me tell you now,it's easier to say goodbye than autually moving on with your life. You must have that control over yourself in order to p...
~in the head of emptiness is a fountain of creativity~ even inspite of these poems/lyrics of sadness i find a way to stay on a level playing field,this piece written more like a song than a poem,wrote this in ten minutes,so don't be to critical.
the dilemma of putting your faith in the idea of your love and trust being reciprocated
... lies can be devastating when you find them... broken trust can drop you to your knees...
This is a poem about the emotions one suffers when love is betrayed. What lies beneath the surface that we cannot see.
A look at how people can be deceived by others, be it by strangers, close friends or family. The theme of this poem centres on beytrayal and its effects of it on its victims.
I love what Nancy Friday says in her book "JEALOUSY (The Green Eyed Monster)," that The Envious get a perverted kick out of tearing down the house.
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