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An object is normally viewed to be what the viewer perceives about it. This is called a subjective perception about the object. Ideally speaking, an object must be perceived objectively without any subjectivity of the viewer.
The narrative framing the events in Baltimore comes straight from the consciousness of the oppressor. We need to look beyond the false premises of the established order to understand what's really occurring.
A new law in Indiana that permits businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender customers is generating a tremendous backlash throughout the nation.
Do you have the Imposter Syndrome? Anyway, read this piece and help me out.
A review of the Longest and possibly most unfair Trial in Jamaica's History
Making people change the way they view things, believe things, or go about doing things could only take place once doing so offers them a “zone” more comfortable than the one they’re currently in.
Yes on can hear how mother tend to give the child the impress about that father as a villain
It is important how information is reported to the people as biased reporting can have undesirable consequences.
Racism seems to be everywhere these days. This is not to single out Alabama. This could happen anywhere in America.
Most Americans think people in the United States enjoy more freedom than do the citizens of any other country. Howevver, that is not the case.
Yes people can look at you and form an opinion sometimes based on skin pigmentation, or appearance.
In our minds, there is a certain section known as tradition. There is a happy tradition when a baby is born as well as tradition of burying the dead. That is terrestrial. One of the favorite eons of tradition is witchcraft, a subject so universal and easily perceived.
It is always a good thing to spend some time in one's own company. It can be refreshing.
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