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I read a couple of lines in a book a couple of days ago, similar to these two sentences: "Surface religion is for those who emptily want to avoid hell out of blind fear, not even knowing what it is. Deep spirituality is for those who have been through hell and do not want to go back t...
If you want God's best, do not just think about how to invest your money, think about how to invest your life. Jesus said, "If you know these things...happy...are you if them." Living this way means:
We can learn so much about God if we just sit quietly and observe nature. From dogs and cats to butterflies, bees, plants and even the wind, check out these Bible lessons from the backyard.
Understanding the significant comparisons between leprosy and sin offers us a better picture of what sin truly is, why God hates it, and how we should respond to it.
Be Yourself. You were DESIGNED TO ~ SHINE ~ and ~ HAVE GOOD SUCCESS ~ as an original. No need to copy someone else.
This article sheds some light on how to petition God to intervene in our situations and circumstances.
The Bible is the Lord’s love letter to mankind. Though God can’t be physically seen, the scriptural content of the Bible clearly emphasize God’s power and holy presence. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He has anointed and appointed different men of all walks of life. To name...
What the Bible said someone can know it cover to cover but do they really live what the Bible says or just do what they want?.
The Christian world celebrates Easter as the anniversary of the atonement, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As we commemorate these seminal events I would like to share some of the scriptures that have changed my life and given me hope and strength during difficult times in my...
These verses teach that there is no greater message than that Jesus Christ lives, He atoned for and then gave His life for our sins. Jesus Christ showed us the way to live and to overcome our trials and obstacles. These Easter Bible verses give me the strength to carry on when I fe...
I write biblical, theological articles that address relevant issues today using the Word of God as perspective to answer difficult questions about the world today.
The Bible and the scriptures has just one purpose. Jesus Christ and Christians also have one purpose; that purpose is to inherit the kingdom of God.
According to a 2009 survey, 77% of Americans believe in some description of angels. While skeptics often relate a belief in angels to irrational superstition and wishful thinking, countless new spiritual perspectives surface each year which include the possibility of angels among us....
The children in this video got a maximum of one flog each, a far cry from the four to six belts that I remember being issued when I was in school.
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