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An examination of the text of scripture and the use of the Hebrew word "YOM' in context demands that the days spoken of in Genesis 1 be accepted as 24 hour days.
The story of a guy who pimped his girlfriend to save his own ass…literally.
Fortune favors the bold, many say. But some would say that fortune shines equally on the bold and the timid, for it is pure chance. Well, here is where I dove-tail with both views, no matter how it is looked at, all fortune for good is a blessing, whatever form it may come in.
A look at Samson's incredible dedication to screwing the Philistines over.
A look at the peculiar and oddly specific laws that God had for men.
The Universes of God 4: The Final Eternity, is the last of the Universes of God Quadrilogy. It starts at Jesus' triumphant return, covering the millennium civilization and what will happen there, and continues into the first and second resurrections into eternal life. You are there fo...
The Bible mentions the cities of sin. One wonders whether modern sin cities also exist.
The Bible is a bloody book. There is no doubt about that. People are human, and humans sin. Only blood can atone for these sins. Find out more about what the Bible says on sin, and why it is important to never forget the blood, when talking about God and the Bible.
One day Truth walks around naked and he accidently meet Lies. While they talk Lies ask truth to wear him. At the end of the day Truth wear Lies to cover him up. But no matter how hard Lies try to hide Truth..Truth always always reveal it self.
God continues his discourse on the law and although no one disputes what he says at the time, many would question certain of the commandment today.
The Bible has been used for many things including an excuse to escape following the law. But what about those laws in the Bible?
Moses listens attentively as God continues his discourse, giving particular consideration to the Ten Commandments but also exploring other provisions in the law.
The law regarding clean and unclean animals, childbirth and leprosy.
God's law concerning animals that should and should not be eaten by his people. Rituals to be followed by women after childbirth and the law concerning leprosy.
"We're gonna go listen to a speech by a guy on 'Is God still relevant in today's scientific world'; you wanna come along?", says Mother to me. I don't care much for religious blah blahing, but then I think it might be a fun activity to go out for, so I say sure.
Have you noticed how some things in the Bible might be too sadistic to blurt out to children? Me too...
Here we read of the Consecration of Aaron and his sons who have been chosen by God to be the priests of Israel.
I'm still working every day on the trailer for "Created By Me 1", so am I this morning when Harrison calls. He says he may not make our appointment to work on Josh Mercury's website tomorrow, so perhaps we could work today. We make an appointment for 15:00.
Religious writers have so much to say about the things they cannot see, and have no holding back telling others what to believe. So what does the writer David Pawson say? He says believe the inaccuracies, from the looks of it.
The Bible has been used a great deal of late to express belief, but what about The Bible and what it is telling us?
The Last of the plagues brings the death of all the firstborn in Egypt, both man and beast. The children of Israel leave Egypt but are pursued bu Pharaoh's armies.
God now sends Locusts in great numbers to destroy the little vegetation left by the hail. This is followed by three days of darkness in Egypt.
The plagues come thick and fast now but a stubborn pharaoh refuses to let the children of Israel go and sacrifice to the Lord their God.
Some older boys are taking an interest in girls Max is more interested in Space Travel and theater.
When Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt he recognizes them immediately but they of course, don't know him.
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