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Let us begin again from where it actually began for us.
We see a lot of stuff being presented as fact these days because "a consensus of scientists thinks it is probably right." When we think of how many great advances have resulted from the work / thinking of people who did not have a university degree in a related subject, we understand ...
Though we take others as more of a burden, spoilsport at times, they are as much a part of creative process as we are. The more the variety, the more are the fun and meaning to our lives. Never a moment is wasted in the humongous ride that we are fortunate to be part of; everyone is i...
The equations that describe a black hole were written by Albert Einstein as part of the General Theory of Relativity.
A lot of people nowadays are trying to learn Korean words and phrases. To understand their favorite Korean dramas is probably one of the major reasons why. Are you one of them? Well, what are you waiting for? I put some of those words and phrases into this writing. Come and take a loo...
This just come to my mind when I am socialising on Facebook today 14/03/2012.
Another theory is the Pulsating theory. This theory believes that the stars as they are constantly gave of heat light and radiation; could be burned-out or will collapse and turn into black holes until such time that the energy in space will fade.
The universe covers everything we know to exist- time, space, energy and matter. This article covers it's basic principals.
A potential paradigm shift in science? A discussion on CERN, the Large Hadron Collider, and the potential discovery of the Higgs Boson, AKA The God Particle.
Perhaps you are wondering why the question is not “How was the Universe born?” Unfortunately,this has been puzzling scientists for many years and has still not been satisfactory answered.
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