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Mom has a new baby and it's a girl. Everyone is making a big fuss over her just because she's an old girl. No one wants to play with me anymore.
We have had some wonderful technological advancements in the internet age. However; sometimes it is good to step back and ask the question "At what cost?".
An examination of Obama's policies and a comparison to the novel 1984 and the movie The Wizard of Oz.
A funny poem inspired by my young step-sister's insistence on talking to me at times like I'm one of her children. Gone are the days when she just quietly followed me around doing as she was told, and I'd tease her when I was bored.
I am writing about the show big brother the tv show and what I think so far of the season
Big Brother can be good or bad for the citizens of the United States in the future. Thought provoking facts are given here for you to ponder.
Celebrity Big Brother 2014, the Reality TV Show that places twelve celebrities in the confinement of a house, under the relentless view of the cameras. Personality clashes and heated differences of opinion are inevitable. Read on to find out more....
A dystopian short story, examines how the protagonist suffers in a not-so-distant future where Facebook has established a totalitarian government.
There is a war going on in our culture between conservatives and progressives regarding individualism and collectivism. Is it necessary for the betterment of society that individuals sacrifice their liberties for the sake of the community? This article suggests that the total elimi...
Contestants on reality shows, such as Survivor and Big Brother, often excuse immoral behavior on the fact that they are only playing a game.
A brief study of this TV hit and a general moan about the effect it has had on the celebrity culture.
How reality TV went from triumph to tribulation. Over the course of the last two decades we have seen a renaissance in reality TV. We went from human triumph over nature to watching people do their job...every day. TV gets dumber and richer, producing content that is much cheaper and ...
In the past I have always said that if you are not doing anything wrong, it should not matter if the police monitor you. I no longer feel that way because evidence has come to light that shows me that they are abusing their authority to monitor our movements and our conversations. It ...
We are not as free as we might think. The government is monitoring us through our use of social media.
Big Brother brought a new twist by having a Survivor-like nomination. The two PBB Unlimited teams "Wayuk" and "High Voltage" have gone through a face-to-face nomination that put Wendy and Deniesse in a critical state. Majority chose them for the reason that they do not deserve to win.
The Department of Education has no constitutional or biblical grounds for mandating what our children should learn or by what methods they should be educated. Government has trespassed into the family domain when it attempts to supersede our rights to educate, train and discipline o...
A short look at the prolific novel by George Orwell. The thoughts of a dying man, written on his death bed chronicling his view on what the future may hold.
It's 2 years since brave Jade Goody passed away on Mother's day., but her legacy to beat cervical cancer lives on.
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This article is a plot summary of the science fiction book Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell. It is about a dictator called Big Brother who is all-powerful. The only person who is considered capable of stopping him is Goldstein, and his chances are slim.
This is a short story I wrote about how easy it is to forget things like waking up, and being there for the people you love.
After years of dominating the summer TV schedule in the UK, the reality show to beat all reality shows, takes it's final bow.
well as most of the world would of seen big brother started last night and now they have their housemates
this is about the final and lsat shoe of big brother that is shown on channel 4
Tappenden Urges girls to take a shot at modelling.
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