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Cement is the most important construction material that binds the building blocks and extensively used in production of concrete. Cement shall not undergo any appreciable change in volume after it sets within the specified time period. [b]Sound cement will not undergo change in its ...
Is there happiness in possession of material things? It appears that way to some extent. But, if we analyze deeply, we'll come to a conclusion that money is not everything. And money cannot buy the real 'happiness'. Because the things we buy can only give us 'pleasure', NOT happiness.
Have ever tried writing flash fiction? Try now, it's just easy and fun to attempt writing one quickly. But remember... Please come back to this page and post your valuable comment! ~Rathna
Funny poems for JohnnyDod's [link=] *"Your next Challenge write me a funny article" *[/link]
Years go and years come as the time passes, but there is always a happy new year to live on. This poem is dedicated to all of you, my near & dear friends and relatives. ~Rathna
Chief Nut is the Wikinut Author of the day! He has written 79 pages on Wikinut so far. His 79th page was published on 26th Jul 2010. I've been waiting to see new articles by Chief Nut, but I'm disappointed not to hear from him as he has not posted any more pages afterwards.
Mother Teresa is a phenomenon in the God's creation. The poem 'LIFE' is well-known as a great quote from her wonderful sayings. This is an attempt to understand what is LIFE and its interpretation from each line in that poem. Here, I examine how 'Life is sorrow' and how to 'overcome ...
Sometime back when I was browsing the 'Poetry Foundation' website I found an interesting poem about 'Googling oneself'. As liked it, I wanted to read that poem again and searched for it on the same website and found an interesting letter posted about it.
Reading my poetry, someone asked me these three questions to include my answers in their research paper. I gave my answers, but never got any feedback from the reader.
Ancient texts like Vedas and Upanishads say that there is no matter, and everything is an illusion (maya)! Then how karma steps in and works towards our betterment of what is not there?
More pages get you more views. And more interaction with the Wikinut friends also gets you more views.
Two years back I posted my poem "Laconical" on Yahoo Answers and later on published the same poem here on Wikinut. Now I find someone plagiarized this poem and posted on five different websites.
My Wikinut Inbox is always flooded with thousands of messages and I'm not able to delete them in bunches. I have a few suggestions to improve the Wikinut Inbox and I think Wikinut will certainly consider them and make changes for better management of the messages we receive from the C...
Hello dear Wikinut poets, There is an opportunity to submit your already published Wikinut poems for free at Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest.
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