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A first person story about a close encounter of the spiritual kind.
The first day of Summer vacation begins for Blazer and his friends at New World Academy
This is the first of a two part story about Benny's weekend.
Blazer and Sis are invited to go for a swim in a friend's backyard pool.
Sis tells the story about the first time Benny wore a bikini at the beach.
Benny goes for a late night swim with her best friend.
Blazer helps with the gardening on a hot spring day.
Blazer reluctantly gets involved in his school's homecoming tradition, Girls in bikinis with water guns try to soak a boy they like and then get his shirt.
Blazer and Sis help Benny wash her father's car on a warm January day.
Benny goes for a swim by herself (or so she thinks).
At a sleepover, Sis and Benny dare Blazer to do something embarrassing!
Blazer and his friends spend a hot Summer day at the lake.
Blazer and his best friend Benny spend a hot summer day fishing at a river.
After enjoying a nice Summer day together, Benny and Blazer enjoy some quality time together..
With their brother away for the evening, Blazer and Sis spend some quality time together.
This is the second part of my story about Benny's day off from school.
A teen age boy's summer fantasy while sitting on the beach
Benny has a new rival for Blazer's "friendship". A girl on the new World Academy swim team named Sara.
Blazer goes on a summer camping trip with his sister and best friend. Blazer is a boy rabbit.
Blazer and his family spend a summer day at the beach.
The woes of searching for swimsuits when you're over sixty and overweight!
Seven tips for minimizing nicks and cuts while shaving the face or body.
Women's cricket has no money coming in and no sponsorship. The game is languishing and there is a need for something revolutionary. Why not have women play cricket as women and not dressed as men.?
Islam is a puritan religion and women in Islamic soceties are controlled to an extent. However winds of change are blowing all over the world.
There’s a rumor going around that some Japanese brainiacs invented the 1st ever x-ray sunglasses. When you put them on, you can see through people’s clothing!
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