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False allegations of rape and lesser unacceptable sexual behaviour are endemic in Western societies, none more so than against celebrities.
A look at the first six days of Hillary Clinton's run for President of the United States.
On Sunday, April 12, 2015, Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to announce her candidacy for president. Here is my unqualified endorsement of the former Secretary of State and Senator from New York.
Old Rugby players never die or give up, they just go on and go on facing each life's new challenges with a renewed effort.
In this second instalment of my "conscious coupling" of Barbados' Reverends Holmes Williams and America's William Holmes McGuffey I explore the connections with earthly government that affected their ministries. How did these unquestionable "servants of the Kingdom of heaven" reconci...
A list of some of the more recent lies fed to the American people. Quotes by the prevaricators.
The Westin Excelsior is famously known for languishing their guests with some of the most decadent suites that a first rate hotel can offer the privileged. However ghost hunters prefer room 152 where they are guaranteed paranormal activity that occurs in the room at all hours.
Does the US government's relinquishing oversight of ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers putting the internet at risk of censorship?
This page is about Bill Clinton and his impeachment from the White House. This short article will give you many facts regarding Bill Clinton's removal from office, and explains just why he was the first American President to be impeached since 1869.
Why are so many coming out to support Jason Collin's decision to come out of the closet regarding his sexuality. This article explores their motives and commends one willing to tell the truth in love.
This is part two of a brief history of how America has now become a fascist, corporate state.
Former U.S. first lady is a humble woman eventhough everyone agrees that she is an intelligent woman.
We take a look at why, in this observer's opinion, Bill Clinton was as bad a president as George W. Bush, and perhaps even worse.
It is said that ten percent of the world populations are found as left-handed. And these LH people have historically produced an above-average of high achievers. Among them are presidents, prime ministers, noblemen, sportsmen and musicians. Stay tuned. This article will focus on the f...
My trip to the House of Commons. What is it all about and what did i learn from it.
Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Gordon Ramsay may think they eat in the best restaurants, but what do the sanitary inspections report?
The Rwandan genocide need not have been as devestating as it was.
Our justice system and prisons are becoming overloaded every day and with today’s economic conditions the lawyers advertise like a lion waiting for his next meal. All you have to do is turn on your television and you can find a law firm advertising for people to call their number fo...
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