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When Your Outgo Expense Exceeds Your Income Cents Then You Have Become A Victim Of Satan and His Demons Intents. Read this again very slowly and let it sink in. What does this mean in plain english? Simply stated it means that you should never spend more than your whole paycheck on a...
On the abuse of these Internet and telephone companies that using new technology will take a chance to harass to those users that wish to leave.
Not all landlords or landladies are ogres to be avoided at all costs and it'll pay off having a good deal with them as well as avoiding sour arguments.
No one is an island and sharing a flat or a house will definitely help us in many ways.
These domestic tips will definitely help us to pay less on electricity.
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
Sometimes life heaps unfair burdens on people. When things seem hopeless, God often sends comfort in unexpected ways.
I am currently helping my family, I help them by paying our monthly electric and water bills. Thank God its pay day.
Energy certificates in households could be a new tax in disguise.
A peaceful boycott is a powerful action against the abuse of electrical companies, provided it's done by a majority of people in one country.
When I was young, I didn’t have Suze Orman to call up and ask if I could afford something. I received so much fan mail from credit card companies in my college days that I thought I was a celebrity. Later, of course, they would send me hate mail because I couldn’t afford to pay my...
A unique method for charging people that waste your time.
This article is about the increasing amounts in the bills like EB bill, internet bill and others
A poem that will hopefully get you thinking about life
This article is about organizing and managing our bills which is necessary to avoid financial issues
The Philippines has a new set of banknotes for circulation, issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Both sides of the banknotes have a new look – prominent people in the obverse side and Philippine animals, historical events and landmarks in the reverse side.
We are in the middle of an Economic Crisis...The average man in the street is struggling to keep his home and family together, and still the Bills mount up...Something has to change...
Car insurance...they get you every time, don't they? It's enough to drive you to your wits end...As your money goes down, so their prices increase.. A tongue in cheek look at receiving my latest car insurance renewal quote...
Electronic funds transfer is a modern method of transferring money.
Sometimes surprises are nice but at other times they can cause stress. How you deal with this stress is more important that what caused it.
Saving money on utility bills does not have to be unpleasant.
Christmas comes but once a year, but bills come all the time.
Having a job is extremely important for several reasons that everyone needs to know.
Are you tired of high heating costs? Use these tips to save money on your winter heating bills.
The undisputed independent leader in sports takes a look at the AFC East in preparation for the upcoming NFL season. 100% Comprehensive rankings and ratings for all facets of the game.
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