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Despite the war-on-terror for over a decade world is hardly terror-free. Western economies have yet to invent safeguard against depression, the Arab world is under the grip of unrest and uprising, and the abrupt climatic disasters are increasing in frequency everywhere. So, how is the...
Obama's promised troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is proceeding with recent NATO details being announced.
As happened during Nazi’s regime, reluctance in opposing evils in time may turn disastrous.
Could Nostradamus actually have made a prediction about the death of Osama Bin Laden hundreds of years before it happened?
A Californian treasure hunter has claimed that he has located where the body of Osama bin Laden threw away, he saying that Laden body is located at 200 miles to the west of the Indian city of Surat.
What do you think really happen on 9-11. I was watching as all America was watching it to. wow ten years and our government shot Bin laden. it seems it just took to long.They got sodom hussain and they got him first, I keep asking myself why did it take so long to get bin laden. I ke...
One September morning I rubbed the sleep from my eyes in time to see the unimaginable come across my T.V. screen. While smoke was still billowing from the first tower, what looks like a 747 plows into one of the second tower, live on NBC's Today Show. With a quick call into work and a...
Do the US Navy Seals have blood on their hands from the operation that killed bin Laden?
[b]No-one can beat Osama Bin Laden as a writer[/b]. He wrote his self-portrayal not by the power of his pen. He wrote it through the pointed [b]tip of his knife[/b], through the [b]tip of his bullet[/b] and through the [b]sounds of ample explosions[/b]. He used the [b]blood from those...
This article is about why I don't think we should care about bin Laden died.
High cholesterol is more dangerous than a terrorist. It kills more people than wars. It has become an integral part of modern lifestyle. Make this summer cholesterol-lowered.
My personal message to all those who are apt to create friction and voice their despise, to me and other americans for our victory. Say what ever you may but i will always as many americans applaud this missions success..........
I am saddened by the reaction of many people upon hearing about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Not only is his death being celebrated, but people are loosing sight of reality.
I noticed a news story yesterday about Omar bin Laden, the son of the infamous Osama. Ignoring the story, I couldn't help but notice how similar he looked to Eric Cantona, the ex-Man Utd footballer.
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