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Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) scientists described the process of gradually falling asleep using a combination of key physiologic measurements and a behavioral task that does not interfere with sleep.
Over population is an endangerment and impact negatively on the environment, with such negative impact it becomes pertinent that respective countries should make a policy proposal to curtail the menace.
Making more of a difference today. What’s needed?
Opinions on homosexuality span a wide range, and the very mention of the word evokes strong emotional or religious responses from some people. We agree with many others that homosexuality is not a perversion, illness, or sin, but a natural human variation growing out of complex develo...
this article is a tribute to the women in my family who have been there for me throughout my life. they have mothered me like i was their own, so i just want to say thanks.
Only the human being is in a supreme position to elevate himself to higher planes of existence by superior thinking. Thus only a human being can aspire to gain the same wisdom. On the contrary, an animal cannot acquire wisdom (not knowledge) because food and self-preservation are its ...
The all natural way in getting rid of unwanted organisms in the body is colon detoxification. It can be done by taking a high fiber diet content and other dietary supplements.
A deeper look into obsessive-compulsive-disorder (OCD) and the biological, psychological and environmental factors that could contribute.
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