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Do you think your dog or cat have cancer because they have a tumor? Here is the tumor guide.
The biggest court cases in US history are the lawsuits resulting from mesothelioma work related asbestos exposure.
In Barrett's Oesophagus, the major cause of this pathology is acid reflux and when this becomes persistent, the pinkish-white, flat and smooth cells (stratified squamous cells) begin to adapt to the acidic medium (like in the stomach) hence undergo some metaplastic change to form colu...
Making more of a difference today. What’s needed?
Adopting a rescue dog can be rewarding, frustrating, heart-mending and heart-breaking....Raff is all of these. A really special little dog, who came close to meeting his maker far too soon...and who brought so much love and light back into our lives...
The way one feels when diagnosed with cancer, and the support of friendship.
Reye's syndrome is a very rare yet potentially fatal disease that can cause liver and brain damage. This article explains the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.
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