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In the industry of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, there are not many names stronger than Roche.
Merck has become one of the most well-known and trusted names in biotechnology industry.
Novatris has started to show some investing pharmaceuticals trends in biotech.
The competitive inventions in the field of genetic Engineering/ Biotechnology has no doubt created milestone achievement, today genetic engineering techniques manipulate the living cell to any extent and produce any cellular product.
An Australian sculptor artist named Patricia Piccinini love to make very unique, realistic, mind-boggling, provocative, fascinating sculptures. Because of her controversial artworks, some may think that her artworks are “disturbing” but some may see it as “masterpiece”.
If you live in the US of A, your food is being poisoned. Check it out!
A lot of developing Nations, especially from Africa seem so backwards in the global trend of technology, advancement in civilization and living condition and one may seem to wonder why this is so. Are there no resources at all in these regions? Even if there aren't, are the human reso...
Making more of a difference today. What’s needed?
Find out how biotechnology can be helpful in predicting climate change.
A group of researchers from Australia, US and South Korea have cooperated in creating a single-atom transistor from a single phosphorus atom in silicon.
A very simple task of gardening may not be as simple as it appears and kind of experiences which you can gain from this simple task can be magnanimous.
An interview with Swarna Jayanti Award winner Arun Chattopadhyay; a professor, chemist, social worker and scientist of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.
Bioethics is a complicated subject. This article explains in simple terms for a high school student to understand its foundational concept.
A scientific solution is given for the problem of Rape, which is pestering the whole soceity from its very beginning.
Another installment of a fun filled quiz on biotechnology. This article is meant to provide general information regarding biotechnology.
A fun filled quiz on biotechnology. This article is meant to provide general information regarding biotechnology in humorous manner.
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