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This is the story based on the actual events happened with me.
Veertjies the bird is telling Miauli about Music Island, a place known for its inhabitants' mesmerising singing. It's not long before Miauli entertains the idea of going there to see for himself.
Miauli the cat runs into a screaming bird sitting on the ground like a sitting duck. How dangerous!
When most people think of Chickadees they think of “Black-capped chickadees”, but in fact there are many other types of this wonderful little bird. Although they are grouped together with birds of the “tit” family, we will refer here to birds given the common name of “Chick...
She has the sweetest voice and her sweet song marks the start of summer. Have you heard the sweet voice of the cuckoo bird??
A girl named Felicity watches her ex-boyfriend demon prince date her other ex-boyfriend. She clutches a scythe in her hands filled with the talents of those that came before her, she could kill them, right? She could send them to hell. She should send them to hell.
Good food whether it's a tradition or not. Good wine to wash it down and friendly people around is all what we want for a memorable Christmas meal.
Gardening requires the gardener to fulfill a multitude of roles. Sometimes that includes getting wildlife out of ridiculous situations they've gotten themselves into.
A guide to ducks and their characteristics and habitat.
This page is about ducks and their different characteristics.
Advancement of science and technology is the dawn of our future following is the example.
Soaring higher and higher into the sky, these birds of prey will gain a height advantage over its prey and use its blinding speed to catch other animals. Most birds of prey have to kill other animals just to survive.
The birds that sing mot sweetly, e.g., the nightingale, the sky lark. The koel, thrushes are all very plain- looking birds- usually brown of black.
Talking about the creator of flappy bird and the device that sold for 99 thousand
Winter Scene is a nature poem, seasonal poetry describing the cold season of winter.
"It is very rare to find a special kind of love in this life. A love that that makes you feel a greater height, A love that transcends all things and beyond. It is a love that only in destiny one will find..
"A rare moment to hear enchanting bird's love song inspired me to present their beautiful melody to the lady of my dreams.."
The thrill and euphoria of seeing the beauty of your one true love from a distance.."
This poem depicts the loyalty and love of the Peacock - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
We must do our best to protect the animals and birds in our countries, or they will become extinct.
Have written some notes about my nephews and niece(kids of my husband's brothers)
About my hostel life and some moments from was your hostellife?
The Hummingbirds are the tiniest of all the bird families. These beautiful and gentle small flying wonders, the ornaments of ornithology, which form the species of hummingbirds, have always interested the admiration of humanity.
A rolling stone gathers no moss is a short story can give us, our goal. Anyone who change sides. please must read.
The poet tries to imagine what her world would be without her love, and speaks of its effect on nature if that love had never existed.
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