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These are my personal observations. A record of how hummingbirds in my yard are behaving.
The one thing which makes birds different from all other animals and humans is that they can FLY.The flight of a bird was an inspiration for many inventors who could later create planes and helicopters. The Beautiful Feathers of the birds attract the observers most .Let's learn more...
Not just one person can make your life more beautiful, we must know something that even a parrot can be a very good companion to live and to not get bored.
This is the story of the bird, and the rock, and the little boy who wanted to be the rock and watch the world as it passes by.
this is a poem I wrote for a friend she is real close to me and I want to keep our friendship strong
Flamingo is not only one of the uncommon but of the wariest birds in the world and the most formidable of approach.
Making a life changing decision to alter one's life, as told through the eyes of a bird.
A little bird falls from the sky and lays still on the ground. The wind shows its sadness by its anger, hailstones beat against the bird to bring it back, nature in all its mightiness hangs his head hopelessly as the wisdom of all the world is useless.
These are stories about animal and birds to teach us a lesson
This page is about birds which is the cute creatures in nature
The "black birds" could refer to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven". Maybe, maybe not. I have observed them for many years in every season and I thought of providing a glimpse of a daily routine in the morning.
An environmentalist laments for the world peace, and looks back into the history and assesses the wrongs committed in the past and takes a resolution to protect the forests, animals and fellow-humans envisioning a world of harmony and happiness. It may look quite cynical, but I thi...
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