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Mondays are the beginning of a working week for most people and the thought of a whole week ahead of you before another break makes Monday's. not a very nice day... however...
The tropics come alive in the Bronx Zoo’s newest birdhouse. Flowers bloom, warm rain falls, birds and birds name are everywhere.
I have been watching a live stream video of an Osprey nest, became intrigued and wanted to know more......
Soaring higher and higher into the sky, these birds of prey will gain a height advantage over its prey and use its blinding speed to catch other animals. Most birds of prey have to kill other animals just to survive.
For hawking, a Falcon bird is most easily practiced by flying it in the company with another bird of the same species. No doubt, Falcon could be trained to fly at the winged game and might be tamed to a certain extent.
How I went from bird ignorance to a Peruvian Striped owl's mate.
These are stories about animal and birds to teach us a lesson
We must avoid killing and eating animals for our food needs. It is a great sin
I think it was a dream about what would it be like if there were no birds.
A personal recollection of raptor watching, together with an account of their recolonisation of England.
A personal recollection of raptor watching, with reference to their recolonisation of England.
As we sleepily retire to our beds, as daytime slips into night, the nocturnal life everywhere begins its search for survival.....
Birds of prey are birds that hunt for food primarily on the wing, using their keen senses, especially vision. They are defined as birds that primarily hunt vertebrates, including other birds. .............
It is said necessity is the mother of invention but more often than not war gives rise to them both. Falconry and the use of Carrier Pigeons are no exception.
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