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Mondays are the beginning of a working week for most people and the thought of a whole week ahead of you before another break makes Monday's. not a very nice day... however...
Not just one person can make your life more beautiful, we must know something that even a parrot can be a very good companion to live and to not get bored.
this is a poem I wrote for a friend she is real close to me and I want to keep our friendship strong
Saturday and Sunday are hard days for me. On Saturday I make canes and walking sticks for the disabled and hikers, and on Sunday I spend three hours in church teaching 10 year olds the Gospel. I thought of this while I sat there today in Sunday service, as now we have a meadow lark ou...
The birdsong of springtime is such a joy to hear. The Mockingbird is one of my favorites.
Sometimes, life gets us down, but hold on, stay in the game, because just around the corner, when we least expect it, something wonderful is about to happen with and for you! Have hope!
A poem, observing how I like to spend my summer days, kicking back in the shade, or tucked away in the air conditioning. Doing next to nothing, enjoying the sunshine.
A little bird falls from the sky and lays still on the ground. The wind shows its sadness by its anger, hailstones beat against the bird to bring it back, nature in all its mightiness hangs his head hopelessly as the wisdom of all the world is useless.
A small rural village is caught by surprise. A huge thunder storm brings a deluge of rain and floods the houses and streets.
Camping in a glade in the countryside looking at the moon and stars and listening to nature.
February is said to be a month when nothing much goes on. But if you look closely and listen hard it is a very busy time for plants and birds.
February comes in as a month of thaw from a cold winter to wet and dreary, It is a month of anticipation, and the birds from the continent regard it so, Expressing their feeling as a carnival by all sorts of merriment's and gaiety's
A bird in a tree started to dance and one by one we all joined in.
A little bird gets caught in the woods. The little bird is put in a cage, she is full of sadness.
A man dreams he is in a wonderful place where all his dreams had come true. Then the alarm goes off.
This page is about birds which is the cute creatures in nature
Not everybody has lost hope in us. Some of them still believe in us..
Thinking of someone you care about, when they are so far away can bring such an ache to the heart, yet somehow those thoughts can cross a divide...Especially if he is thinking about you too...
The pure joy of being outside in the garden, the warmth of the sun at your back, the breeze in your hair, as you become one with Nature, your hands deep in the soil.. Gardening, my friends, can even be better than sex....
To so many of us, with our ever demanding hectic lives, our ipods, Mobiles, MP3's pumping out endless noise, we all too easily forget to listen to Nature's song...her music, often found within our own gardens....The sound of the breeze, and the distant melodic tinkle of the wind chime...
Being woken early from sleep, I wandered into the garden with my dog.....only to hear the sweetest sound.....
In Africa a small bird and a badger have a honey hunting partnership.
Springtime is here at last after a long, cold winter. It has been one of the snowiest and coldest winters for years, but now, finally and a little late, spring has arrived.
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