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Gareth Gates commenced his November Tour this week, and I was at the Birmingham Venue to see him on Monday. We were all aware he had been ill and lost his voice, so would he be able to continue? Read on to find out what happened.
Plymouth UK and the national firework championships during August which I'm looking forward to with being a photographer
Do you appreciate the lovely quirks of life? I do. My name is Phyl, and I'm With Phil. After reading this, I hope you'll be with Phil, too. You don't have to be a Phil to be with Phil and help a small town and a very worthy cause.
In the journey of female reproduction sperm cells its movement in egg.
A review of the German Market thats in Birmingham
The sadness I feel for the families and friends of three young Birmingham men cannot be easily described.The true strength of peace was shown in the aftermath of the August riots. I dedicate this poem with respect to Haroon Hussain, Shehzad Hussain and Mussavir Ali whom all lost thei...
Arsenal's season, where they will go after the events that are taking place.
The next three games for Arsenal will have a large impact on the course of their season. Will they finish May with silverware or with shattered dreams?
Wow! Here I write about a theme park I was supposed to love the most out of the other theme parks I have visited over the past few years. If I remember, the theme park is situated near Birmingham, England. Depending on the speed of the journey, it could take up to three hours to reac...
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