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We are no closer to understanding the mysteries of creation despite the scientific progress. Our society is polarized as it was right from the beginning; we are compartmentalized in every way despite sharing the very essentials for our existence. Unraveling the mysteries of creation c...
Though we take others as more of a burden, spoilsport at times, they are as much a part of creative process as we are. The more the variety, the more are the fun and meaning to our lives. Never a moment is wasted in the humongous ride that we are fortunate to be part of; everyone is i...
Jacob is reunited with his father Isaac,who is now 180 years old and dies shortly after their reunion. Esau and Jacob bury their father but each must than go his own way as they both have too much cattle to remain together.
Here are few tips to look after our voice on world voice day today and every day.
I've had to tread lightly here. Rightly or wrongly I have attempted to put into words how one could possibly feel before, during and after fantastic lovemaking.
This is my travel to Bethlehem and how I got re-connected to God
Anyone may like knowing something more on the poet and novelist that today was honoured by Google.
Though there are too many incarnation stories emerging around the world, there are still more questions regarding this to arrive at a clear picture.People are just confused as there are stories from both sides
We are given our allotted time, be it individually or collectively, as species. Our time can as well depend on us as we are masters of all we survey – when taken at the flood the sky is the limit and when the chances are spurned we perish due to our own follies and in self-created m...
The first of my Wonderful Birth Giver blogs to help unite all moms. Remember the moment you became a Wonderful Birth Giver for the first time? The joy you felt and the fear of the unknown. To the new Wonderful Birth Givers, that feeling never goes away and enjoy it! To all the newly e...
The life, death, and Non life of Patrick Joseph Riley of Dublin Ireland.
Mournful songs depicting haunting lyrics, emotions and dark words that touch you so profoundly that you know something serious has just transpired are the haunting songs with the perfect words masterfully set to music that permeates devoid visions, unrequited love, hopelessness and qu...
I was born an only child to parents who between them had twelve fully grown rug-rats of their own, the closest, a green eyed girl child thirteen years my elder.
Man must work to accomplish everything, because nothing is given. If we remember that there is no true handout, our lives will be the better for it, although we will sweat to get there!
Looking after yourself while you are pregnant is important to both you and your baby. One way of doing this is by avoiding certain foods.
Birth returns as death for birth and death are one.
I was born January 29 1957 to the proud parents Peter Rava and Dawn Rava and so my journey began. My parents were both loving and giving and four years after my birth, our family was to receive another gift my brother peter. It is funny how our minds work I know every detail of my lif...
The Little Hero donated blood to her little sister, he is ready to give blood to his sister. He is brave to offer his blood to his sibling.
This is a story of when I turned 11 and my parents forgot my birthday. A true story, that still effects me to this day
God gave us the greatest gift of all, his love and salvation, and he started that with the birth of Jesus, which we celebrate at Christmas!
A Poem based on Birth and Death, the status of the soul which stands in a cavity - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Today's American technology vs. family tradition from afar.
This poem depicts the virtual life of computers in human life sarcastically - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Newborns have series of need and want that must be provided by the parents, ranging from adequate care, love, protection and belonging and above all creating a bonding by stroking, cuddling, snuggling and skin to skin contact that shall remain for the rest of their life. The following...
Yes we are simple specks in the pollution of time ...air dust .. or germs of and for procreation ...for the sake of selfish genes ///which have 7.5 plus add on houses
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