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I recently visited my American family in Charlotte. Read on to find out more about it.
Be careful what you eat on your birthday. You might not realize what kind of an effect it has on your loved ones.
Now that Mother and Father have gone to church, Father carrying the letter of my release from our church, I need to start thinking about my birthday celebration that is coming up in just a few hours.
I love my grandparents but I think they are awfully old - like fifty maybe.
Invite some close relatives and a few best friends coming unexpected with a birthday cake and a few party supplies.
Glenn Buratti couldn't wait for his birthday party. Nobody showed up. Read how this party was salvaged.
Beautiful November scenario..A Beautiful November Birthday All sexy guys are November born that's why Scorpios have a sex symbol did u not know?
Here are few birthday party ideas for kids of different age groups. Read the post and get a good idea for your kid's bestever birthday celebration.
My Daughter Katrina's 21st Birthday is approaching, so join me in a Wikinut celebration of her 21st year..So Let's have a party....
"Please, Mummy. I'm not a child anymore. It's Baby's FIRST Birthday and history will never repeat itself!" "Alright, you win. But what about the model that goes on top?"
It was a bright cold day in april and the clocks were striking. I rose from my bed and drew the curtains. I was expecting George to arrive shortly.
Your husband throws a party on your birthday and buys a cake that sends a wrong a message! What a funny cake?
A blog entry (formerly posted in explaining to my friends why I did not plan out a 18th birthday party.
This article is about b'day wishes. We will get a lot of online b'day wishes on our special day
This article is about giving birth day surprises to our beloved persons
Read on to find out why birthdays can be nuisance sometimes?
~the night shares caresses with different people~than are seen in the light of day~even the names are different~as diverse & separate as the sun & moon~one is a masque~the other a face~& which is which~no one knows~when all else stops~hold that pose~
Here I am presenting some top ideas and tips for Party Supplies for Colorful Event.
Chapter three, of my bedtime story "Dolly Ducktail", its daddy's birthday today and Dolly helps Mummy to bake a cake with disastrous results.
Times have changed indeed. Birthday wishes has evolved with it. There is, however, a meeting point at its midst.
Happy Birthday Stan: The Scribble Master A poet states he is young still but getting older....
Happy Birthday Friend.When friends have birthdays they like to receive good wishes.Don't you?
Life here on earth is filled each day with the birth of new todlers, lovely little children are born to different parents every single day, and we just love their tender features.
I am often called a grumpy old man for not wanting to celebrate my birthday and here are just some of the reasons why I take this approach
The ballrooms offer solutions for large and small just think fun. Here I am writing variety of options to satisfy everyone.
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