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Beautiful November scenario..A Beautiful November Birthday All sexy guys are November born that's why Scorpios have a sex symbol did u not know?
"Please, Mummy. I'm not a child anymore. It's Baby's FIRST Birthday and history will never repeat itself!" "Alright, you win. But what about the model that goes on top?"
“Hello children, how are you today?” “My name is…er, well, no I won’t tell you just yet. That’s going to be a big surprise at the end of today’s story.”
A feeling which often I get ...making me feel the incompleteness of a living mission ... still unaccomplished ...will I be able to finish
This poem is for my one and only who is 40 Today. Happy Birthday!
Read on to find out why birthdays can be nuisance sometimes?
Pope John Paul II was beatified just in the beginning of this month. But his statue in the heart of Rome city has become a great controversy. What are the reasons behind this dislike?
Happy Birthday Stan: The Scribble Master A poet states he is young still but getting older....
I do expect when I tap the brakes in my car that it will come to a screeching stop, but placing that kind of faith on a piece of material a few thousand feet in the air, well that much trust is just not in me.
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