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Providing Some Best Whatsapp Status For the needed Who Likes to update his/her status everyday and express there feelings through whatsapp status.
No birthday bash is complete without a great cake and for having a great cake; you need to have a good assortment of beautiful happy birthday cake images and thing you can do with them.
This is a poem I wrote on my Grandads Birthday. He passed away after a extremely tough battle with cancer. He was more than a grandparent, he was a friend. The person who gave me strength even when he became week.
A piece of news sometimes brings us memories from afar that don't seem to relate to the news, but they do. This is what I thought of when I found out that her Majesty Elizabeth The Second was 90.
When our birthday comes around once a year, it brings with it the season of celebration
A self promotional page of the author's mind, artwork and some literary pieces in response to being selected as "Author of the Day". The feat can be daunting but also rewarding.
The article speaks about huge contribution of Usha Utthup in bengali songs and bollywood songs. She is a still a pop star.
Be careful what you eat on your birthday. You might not realize what kind of an effect it has on your loved ones.
The article speaks about selective approach of Mallika Sherawat in bollywood films. On her birthday her admirers expect her to act in good films.
[i]The usage of dried flowers has grown drastically over the years.So use some awesome ideas to preserve those favorite flowers of yours that you would love to be the center of attraction in your house, office, etc.[/i]
Mother has a cold and can't come along, but Father and I will go to Auntie Saffy's family gathering in the Johannesburg area. Auntie Saffy's 90th birthday was on Thursday, and her... not sure if it's her daughter or whom, but that person is also having a 55th birthday today.
Last night Mother, Father, Harrison, Petros and I sit on the West Wing stoep and eat. Then comes up the discussion of what to do for my birthday tomorrow. What to do?
Now that Mother and Father have gone to church, Father carrying the letter of my release from our church, I need to start thinking about my birthday celebration that is coming up in just a few hours.
As part of coping with a difficult situation I am teaching myself to play the ocarina - here I share my difficulties as well as two songs.
It's My little sister's birthday and mom is having a party. I learn more about my Great-Grandmother.
The article speaks about the films of Priyanka Chopra. On her birthday on 18th July, her films are remembered by the audience.
Adam accepts George and Isabella's invitation to live with them for the remainder of his time at university. He also receives some sad news from home.
When adequate words cannot express joy and happiness only a few would do in counted action
This is a short story about friendship and how Ratty the rat shares his birthday!
Adam is taken to the college dorm where he is introduced to his roommate. The following day the two boys pick up their textbooks at Dicks And Company.
“Somebody must be walking over your grave. Can you guess when this house was built, Alan?
Celebrate the best days of your life and recount your blessings
This poetry describes a Birthday party at home which is celebrated by the family in a poetic form.
The Westminster Burial Grounds is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States, and it is occupied with famous and restless walking corpses from generals and mayors to influential businessmen and writers. Edgar Allan Poe is spotted in the haunted cemetery e...
Sis plans a special birthday party for her twin brother, Blazer
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