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An article about the diversity that exists within human sexuality.
I am writing this article for the Christians, those who profess to be true followers of Jesus Christ. I am writing it especially for those Christians who read what I write here on Wikinut, and feel justified in calling me a gay basher because I wrote a piece that wasn’t favorable to...
This is a story of my sexuality, and how i beleive it came to be. Bisexuality is the nature of the beast, the true sexuality.
This is a short story of how i feel or how i am, I don't know, maybe i do need to seek help.
This story is true, based on the experiences of myself as well as close friends and family. I grew up in a small town in California which tends to be very conservative, I also grew up knowing that I was bisexual. This story explains what California's proposition 8 meant to me, my frie...
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